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    God dammit :)

    Just when I created some trimmed version of one problematic file I went to change skin back to the original one so I could access the files and find that trimmed file. Everything played flawlessly when using default skin. I ran at least 20 different tests with different files and no problems what so ever.

    I then tested switching back to the Arctic Horizon 2 skin and managed to cause the "crash" immediately.

    I ran this test scenario twice just to be sure and original skin works just fine with every file that previously caused problems. I could swear I tested earlier with default skin also but apparently I did not.

    Anyways, thank you for the ongoing support and pointers.

    Maybe this time I can conclude this monolog once and for all and really call this case closed :) god I feel like a moron tbh...

    Okay, tested older LE10.0.4 version and it works just fine.

    AVC and HEVC files both work and I cannot get Kodi to crash. Something is messing something with AVC files (which I have used only for 1080p content) in later versions as in LE11 and LE12 beta.

    I found few other threads here that have similar symptoms as I have occasionally like sometimes AVC coded files start to play, I can hear the sound but screen freezes in current library view. Only reboot via ssh or ripping power cable out helps to reboot.

    It seems not many has this kind of issue which is kinda bad situation as the problem might not be reproducible by others.

    For now I remain in LE10 and keep one spare SD or SSD free to check periodically how things progress in LE12.

    Thank you for the help already :)


    It seems that 1080p resolution is the triggering factor as I have 1080p 10bit hevc files and avc 1080p files that crashes Kodi. Every 2160p hevc files 8bit or 10bit works just fine.

    Okies, I copied couple of 1080p files to external drive and tried to play them from there. Same thing happens, I can start playing the file and everything works just fine, then I stop the play and restart the same or different 1080p file and then we crash.

    Here's the debug log:

    I did not disabled the NFS shares nor removed the sources within Kodi but can do that too if one might think it affects things.

    It does not seem to matter where the files are located nor which file it is as long as the file is not UHD resolution file ie. 1080p file. I have no 720p files to test but every 1080p file will cause Kodi to crash.

    I'll do some tests with some SD cards if older LE10 would work.

    I've been trying different settings with whitelists but nothing seem to be helping. 1080p content seem to cause guaranteed crash of Kodi every single time.

    Above debug logs show EDID error but I have no idea if that can be fixed if TV it self is causing it. I have Sony XH95 tv with android 10 update which of course might be causing this. Unfortunately I have no other tv that I could try.

    Also I don't really understand what this and following lines mean:
    info <general>: Found resolution 1920x1080 with 4096x2160 @ 24.000000 Hz

    There does not seem to be any UHD resolutions found if that's what this means.

    Anyways, I'm at my wits end here :/

    Just updated to latest beta of LE12 (11.95.2) and crashes happen exactly the same way.

    Logs should show I used the same episode for testing.

    New debug log:

    Any ideas what's causing this?

    There seems to be edid error and I have ran getedid create script after update so no idea would that be causing the crashes.

    After testing a bit more it seems that every FHD media seems to be crashing every time if I start playing the file, then stop it and restart. If I play UHD file I cannot cause the crash.

    Disabling the DRM Prime does fix the issue and there are no crashes with FHD files but UHD files are completely unplayable (slide show) so it's not really a solution.

    Well damn, the crashes are back and I can reproduce them by starting some tv show episode, stopping it and restarting the same episode. Crashes can occur quite frequently without specifically trying to crash the system.

    Here is the link to my kodi debug logfile:

    Maybe I should try the latest nightly. LE10 worked just fine and never crashed but LE11 and LE12 seems to be crashing still.

    Just installed latest LE12 beta and crashes are gone. I tested by using the same methods that caused kodi to crash in previous version and everything works just fine now.

    I updated to LE12 via normally (using .update folder via ssh) and did not make a new clean install.

    Case closed. Thank you for the help, really appreciated!

    Finally had few mins to test and results are the same.

    I detached usb3 switch and disabled internal bluetooth.

    Kodi still crashes often and I can cause the crash by starting what ever movie/tv show episode, then stop it and restart it. It seems that it does not really matter whether I start the same movie/episode or something else, the crash will happen and can be reproduced easily.

    Here's the new debug log created with disabled bluetooth and detached usb3 switch:

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    Next I'm gonna test if 10.x still works. That's the only thing that has changed with adjusting shares to nfs4.


    Do you mean disabling RPI's internal Bluetooth or are you suggesting removing the usb3 switch that has 2 8BitDo Wireless USB Adapters attached which are BT devices.

    Those 8BitDo Wireless USB Adapters have worked before just fine attached directly to the RPi but this usb3 switch is somewhat new as it was leftover from another project.

    Gonna try both solutions and see if the problem goes away, tnx for the help! Appreciated!


    I am using raspberry PI 4 with USB SSD with full UASP support connected to usb3 port. I have usb switch connected to the RPI usb3 port which itself has 2 8BitDo Wireless USB Adapters connected. RPI has RF keyboard/mouse dongle also directly connected to it's usb2 ports. Using official RPI power also. Hdmi cables I have used before with LE 10 without any issues with very high bitrate uhd hdr truehd movies. Hdmi cables are no-name brand though and if LE 11 has increased bandwidth that could possibly affect the situation as well.

    I have not tested LE 10 version if problem persists but will test if needed.

    My files are located in Ubuntu 20.04 server and served via nfs. I assume I have correctly configured nfs to be version 4 but that might not be the case.

    I've reinstalled LibreELEC 11.0.6 recently and I have experiencing random kodi crashes. The whole system does not seem to crash as I can access the system via ssh and reboot from there. Logs don't show up much to my untrained eyes but I add a link to the log here.

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    Symptoms are like this:
    I can have random crash with any file regardless of what kind of resolution, bitrate, video codecs or audio codecs the file has. Sometimes one file works and next time I test the same file I get a crash.

    This started after I installed pre-release LE 12 version from garbears repository as I tried to get gaming started (I have moved away from gaming in Kodi recently though). I don't suspect this has any meaning to my crashes but wanted to add the starting point when this went haywire.

    I then installed LibreELEC 12 nightly but cannot remember which version exactly. The issue persisted and I though it might have been related to nightly version somehow but then it get crashing randomly with LE 11 also so I have no clue what is happening.

    I have not yet tested without this usb3 switch and will do some testing if it has any play in this.

    Anyways, thank you in advance if anyone can shed some light to this situation.

    One other item to consider. I found through extensive testing that the spare USB 3 port should be left unused. Any device plugged into the spare USB 3 port can have a negative impact on the RPi 4 performance.

    Could you be more specific? Do you mean that using only one USB3 port does not hinder the performance but using both USB3 ports might affect overall performance?

    what kind of performance issues are seen? I mean does it affect Kodi UI rendering performance or file transfer etc.?

    I'm curious as I use USB SSD with full UAS support and I have both USB3 ports in use and I have not yet really observed any performance loss, I might just have missed it :)


    I have encountered similar issue and only solution was for me to run getedid create as mentioned in here #post154782

    I have a bit different setup as RPi4 hdmi-0 is connected to Sony XH95 TV and hdmi-1 is connected to Pioneer VSX520 receiver (which has only hdmi 1.4 support).

    Before I ran the getedid create LE 9.95.2 took forever to show anything on the screen. Sometimes I waited 15 minutes or more and then suddenly Kodi appeared but most of the time there was no signal to TV from hdmi-0. LE was running just fine as I could access it via ssh normally.

    I also run LE from USB SSD (with full UAS support) with quite new EEPROM from march 2021 (might be the latest).

    I did not save the logs but I saw something regarding EDID there. I can try to replicate the issue via fresh install and provide more information.

    9.95.1 worked just fine.

    I also experienced weird issues regarding CEC as with default config.txt my TV always turned on after rebooting LE even if TV received no signal and screen stayed black.

    Sure np, my pleasure to help in any way even if it's just providing feedback :)

    You can take that "AVR turned on with LE boot up" statement of mine with grain of salt as it may have happened because of ... well literally anything like cat stepped on the remote or something like that. It has not happened again so something else must be in play here and as you say it should not even be possible.

    I had CEC settings in kodi set as default when my TV woke up with LE boot up event. That's why I disabled almost everything in the CEC addon settings to prevent that. Will test further. I'll just open a new thread regarding this issue if I can find a way to reproduce it reliably.

    I will test it further how hdmi_ignore_cec_init behaves with my TV when I reset every CEC addon settings in the Kodi. Although this should not have any affect how hdmi_ignore_cec_init works in LE boot up event though right?

    Anyways, my setup is very close to be the perfect media and retro gaming station thanks to hard work of you guys. It's also extremely nice not have to pointlessly update my AVR just because it only supports hdmi 1.4 while being just fine AVR for the HBR purposes.

    Ok, I started from the scratch.

    There has not been any problems what so ever with Sony TV recognition so I don't include it's edid in loading.

    I booted up LE with TV and AVR turned on and verified that Kodi can see my AVR and it is so.

    Created the pioneer-vsx520.bin file following the steps in post #7 (copy pasted everything except used different HDMI port and different bin file name obviously).

    My /flash/config.txt

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    My /flash/cmdline.txt:

    boot=UUID=1903-1858 disk=UUID=ccb324ea-ccd0-4da9-83bd-1a85867fba48 quiet drm.edid_firmware=HDMI-A-2:edid/pioneer-vsx520.bin video=HDMI-A-2:D

    After everything was done I rebooted with AVR in standby mode and Kodi did see my AVR finally.

    dmesg | grep EDID returned:

    LibreELEC:~ # dmesg | grep EDID
    [    1.579482] [drm] Got external EDID base block and 1 extension from "edid/pioneer-vsx520.bin" for connector "HDMI-A-2"
    [   11.599213] [drm] Got external EDID base block and 1 extension from "edid/pioneer-vsx520.bin" for connector "HDMI-A-2"
    [   13.662040] [drm] Got external EDID base block and 1 extension from "edid/pioneer-vsx520.bin" for connector "HDMI-A-2"
    [   13.689616] [drm] Got external EDID base block and 1 extension from "edid/pioneer-vsx520.bin" for connector "HDMI-A-2"

    However if I remove the video=HDMI-A-2:D from cmdline.txt then Kodi won't see my AVR when it's in standby mode. Also dmesg does not find any EDID lines then either.


    Keep in mind that above pastekodi log was recorded with multiple reboots with debug turned on and several reboots actually worked as I was trying out whether LE sees my AVR when it's in standby.

    All in all, now it works perfectly reboot after reboot. On to the next issue which is the hdmi_ignore_cec_init=1 as it does nothing, often even my AVR turns on and TV also when booting LE but that's another story.

    Anyways, thank you very much for the help! Highly appreciated and I must say, awesome work you guys do with LE!

    I am also doing some tests with my hdmi 1.4 receiver like yours and a LG oled 65c8, but until now I have not been able to get the audio from the receiver to work, in your tests the audio from the receiver you have managed to make it work.

    Yeah, for me everything works just fine IF my Pioneer AVR is turned on before I boot up LE. I can then select audio output device correctly and set passthrough device correctly. Pioneer shows DTS HD and True HD etc. when playing content that has those tracks. Also HDR works well enough currently (minus some previously mentioned issues).

    Gonna test today after work what Hias suggested previously and will update what happens.


    Do I need to load also edid file for my Sony TV or is the Pioneer edid loading enough? In your example you are using dat file for LG tv so you surely are not suggesting I use the same one with my Sony tv but instead I generate a new one for my tv?

    What about the full hd mode setting, does it have any affect about the 4k output in kodi in content wise? UI in kodi of course is set to 1080p already.

    I also have problem getting audio output device setting stick in Kodi as libreELEC does not seem to recognize my AVR when it's in standby mode.

    My setup is as follow:

    HDMI 1 Sony XH95

    HDMI 2 Pioneer VSX-520 AVR

    LibreELEC nightly 20210319 running on Raspberry PI 4

    I tried with 2 edid files, one for Sony and one for the Pioneer and I tried using only one edid for pioneer to no avail. Every time I restart the system and AVR is in standby, kodi reverts the audio output device settings back to default and it cannot be set manually to correct hdmi port as Kodi does not recognize my AVR.

    Kodi and LE does recognize my AVR just fine if it's turned on when booting up LE.

    I followed the guide in #7 by the letter and re-did everything about 20 times to make sure I did not make any mistakes (maybe a hint of insanity going on here already :)).

    After everything is set as instructed in the guide and rebooting LE, dmesg does not log any EDID lines if my AVR is in standby mode.

    Also hdmi_ignore_cec_init=1 does not seem to work as everytime I start LE my Sony turns on and switches to the LE hdmi input. Only disabling almost every CEC feature in kodi CEC addon seem to have prevented the automatic waking of my tv.

    Following command returns this regardless if my TV or AVR is turned on:

    tail /sys/class/drm/*/status
    ==> /sys/class/drm/card0-HDMI-A-1/status <==
    ==> /sys/class/drm/card0-HDMI-A-2/status <==
    ==> /sys/class/drm/card0-Writeback-1/status <==

    I included my bin file for pioneer if it could be of any use. I created the file with the following command:

    cat /sys/class/drm/card0-HDMI-A-2/edid > /storage/.config/firmware/edid/pioneer-vsx520.bin

    If some could provide any ideas that would be nice. Anyways, very nice work you have been doing with LE as always. Don't mean to be a burden here, just wondering if this something could be done to Kodi audio output device setting would stick so I wouldn't need to reboot the LE that often :)