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    You can still boot LE from internal, right? You can update to 32-bit build without nuking everything. I recommend to update to 64-bit first and afterwards you can "update" from 64-bit to 32-bit build. Just drop .img.gz with device tree for your box into Update folder.

    Using the same method but for the 64bit worked perfectly. I'm sorry but, how do I find the update folder? Do I create it in my sd card?
    I think I can (technically) move the two files from my sd card to /storage/update if that's the path you meant. But I'm not sure what the SSH commands are to do that. I don't wanna fuck it up :P.

    You could try by using the "Update & Backup" app in Android, choose a random zip file and let it update. On my Nexbox A95X (also S905) this will make it boot to LE on the SD card.

    Problem is I installed LE on internal memory so Android is obviously wiped. Any other way or should I nuke LE, run stock, then start over the process?

    Hey guys, um, problem.. So I've been on v7.0.2.007 for a long time now and I thought it is time for a much needed update. I installed v.007 on NAND back then. So with the new 32bit img, I obviously have to start from scratch right? That's fine.
    1. I loaded up the same sd card I used before and I used Libreelec's SD card creator to flash the img
    2. I downloaded the correct device tree (gxbb_p200_1G_100M_RealtekWiFi.dtb)
    3. I renamed it to dtb.img and then replaced it with the one in the sd card
    4. Used toothpick method

    Here's the thing, toothpick or not my device will get stuck on the welcome logo with the SD card in. This is a nexbox a95x (s905) so the screen will just hang on "Nexbox" logo. Any help with my problem would be greatly appreciated.

    Hey guys, so I have a Nexbox A95x (S905) and I tried to /flash libreelec rather unsucessfully. I'm hoping someone can point out the mistake I did and show me how to fix it.

    This is what I did:
    1. Flashed TWRP with a USB
    2. 100% sucessful with no errors/problems during and after flashing. Booting the device is also just fine.
    3. Downloaded the latest (.zip) build
    4. Performed a complete wipe of device (/data, /internal, /system)
    5. Flashed .zip through TWRP but it was unsucessful (For obvious reasons)

    This is when I learned there's a guide in this very forum on how to flash libreelec and that it is NOT the same as flashing ROMs in android phones. So I followed the guide for installing libreelec on internal memory. Except for the first step which says: Download Android ZIP update for your box and extract 2 files: recovery.img and dtb.img to your SD card. I didn't quite understand how to get those, I thought it was something I can pull from my box's firmware, and I downloaded two versions of them yet I could not find those two files. Anyway, I decided to skip this step and went on with packing my usb with libreelec and the device tree (renaming it as it is mentioned) and so when I finally flashed libreelec through TWRP it was a major success. No errors lines and it appeared to have went through smoothly. Except when I rebooted the device all I see is a black/blank screen. The device is on (blue) but there's nothing on the screen. I'd really appreciate any help!
    I should also mention that accessing recovery through toothpick method seems impossible. Whether I press/hold the reset button before I switch on the plug or right after I switch it on nothing happens.