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    Взаимодействие с другими людьми

    Thank you.

    I appreciate the help, but I meant installation to the internal emmc. I am able to create the sd with image but looking to install to internal emmc.

    Thanks again

    I read Knaerzche post - you can't do this without Linux I think.

    BTW you can do this on someone else's computer under Linux.

    Use computer of a neighbor or friend for example.

    When I needed to perform Linux operations, I just took another hard drive and installed ubuntu on it.

    Взаимодействие с другими людьми

    systemctl enable /storage/.config/system.d/wlanmac.service

    ^ that, it has nothing to do with permissions (644 are fine)

    Oh thanks! Now I will know how it's done!


    At last!

    Mac address remains the same!

    Thank you Chewitt! You are a genius!

    Long life and lot of good luck to you, kind person!

    Взаимодействие с другими людьми

    Create /storage/.config/system.d/wlanmac.service with ^ this content then enable it, and remove any other .service files and udev rules you have set in the system. The main difference is that I take the interface down before setting the MAC, then bring it up again.

    Thank You for help!

    I deleted all files, create and place wlanmac.service in '/storage/.config/system.d/' - no any results.

    I'm not sure about 'then enable it'. How this should be done? Set permissions to 0755 ?


    0755 didn't helped either.


    Now I have in 'storage/.config/'

    [email protected] in 'storage/.config/system.d/'

    and 99-mac-address.rules in ''storage/.config/udev.rules.d'

    with that msg:

    MAC adress still changing every time.


    Can I do like this:

    or something like this:

    and where it must be placed?

    The libreelec is running smooth and the wifi connection can be established. But after rebooting the box, the wifi is not reconnecting again. It needs to be connected again + entering the wifi passwort again. Did you observe the same behavior?

    Have the same problem with my TX2: wlan password has dropped during every boot.

    Each access point is duplicated besides.

    UART log says nothing.

    Rebooting LE after trying connect sometimes.