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    I've recently re-imaged my HTPC RPi4 from LibreElec 9.2 to 10.0, and everything seems to be working smoothly except for one little annoying detail: The raspberry seems to be unable to perform shutdown or reboot properly.

    This is a vanilla install, straight from the .img file provided in the stable downloads section, with only PlexKodiConnect add-on installed.

    Navigation and playback run super smooth, but when I try to shut down my HTPC for the night, or if I try to reboot the raspberry, the software will stop, but the raspberry itself will simply go "Zombie". It stays on, but won't respond to anything. I cannot connect to it through SSH. I need to manually remove the power to force the board to power down (and press the power button again if all I wanted was a reboot).

    Any help would be appreciated.

    You need a special script for Argon One (the version with the installed IR) for usage with LibreElec. V2 of the board allows to power up the RPi4 with IR. Maybe this script helps:

    # IR config script
    sudo wget -O /usr/bin/argonone-ir --quiet
    sudo chmod 755 /usr/bin/argonone-ir

    the full installation script can be seen in this german article.

    I am unsure this script is valid for librelec, as it does not require the sudo command.... I read the article and that code only mentions raspbian and ubuntu.

    IMO, it would make sense for us to select a remote, as a group, and develop a keymap file. I will throw in and help with whatever the group decides but I suggest either MCE or FLIRC. Personally, I'd select MCE.

    I'm familiar with neither, but I am very in favor of this idea. The Kodi, Harmony, and Raspberry PI 4 with IR sensor newb guide is using a Mecool DVR device, but I don't think we need as many keys if we simply want to use basic on/off, left/right/up/down and volume control commands.

    Ran into an error while following your guide:

    • At the ir-keytable -a /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg -s rc0 command, the rapsberry replied :
      • "sys/class/rc/: No such file or directory No devices found"

    Am I missing something? I tried following your guide as precisely as possible, with the exceptions that I am using WinScp and putty as interfaces to connect to the raspberry Pi and that my GPIO mapping is set to 23 instead of 18 (Using an Argon ONE M.2 case with integrated IR receiver).

    Scratch that, it worked the second time I tried to run the command. Not sure why it refused to work the first time around though.

    You can use almost any Remote Control with kernel IR drivers using GPIO pin at RPi 4B, if you create your own custom keymap file (by editing one of most similar default templates). Even without Harmony. Just use a Remote Control from an old TV. There are many examples here, how to do it.

    Perhaps look here, the difference for Argon ONE would be to use GPIO 23 instead of default GPIO 18.

    RE: LibreELEC 9.2.6 Raspberry 4 and IrDA Dongle

    If you have the Harmony, look here: Kodi, Harmony, and Raspberry PI 4 with IR sensor newb guide

    I saw that guide for the harmony remote, and it looks very promising. My one question would be if that script would work while the raspberry is offline. The IR receiver is likely powered by the daughterboard of the Argon ONE rather than by the raspberry itself so I'm not sure where the script would be.

    Again, I'm a raspberry novice, so I'm quite lacking in this kind of knowledge.

    Checking again with Argon40 (the manufacturer) and the case apparently already has everything needed to use the IR receiver to power on/off the raspberry using the Argon Remote.

    Additionally, the product page for the Argon IR Remote on the Argon40 website gives the following information:

    • The Argon REMOTE works out of the box with the Argon ONE V2 and Argon ONE M.2 to control its power ON/OFF.

    • In Raspbian, once the Argon Script is installed you can configure the other buttons of the Argon REMOTE via terminal by typing: "argonone-ir"

    • When paired with Argon ONE it works in Libreelec and Kodi, upon installation of the Argon Software for Kodi in the system.

    Unfortunately, the remote is "out of stock". (I don't think it's ever been available actually) And I still haven't been able to find a device in Harmony Hub that manages to communicate with the case's IR receiver.

    Thank you for the replies everyone. I just thought I would add some information since I see most people talking about the original Argon ONE case.

    The Argon ONE M.2 actually comes with the IR receiver pre-installed on the hat that's part of the top of the case. The hat is powered through the GPIO bus as the hat redirects the bus from the side of the Raspberry to the back of the case. I imagine that the IR receiver (and the hat) is still under power while the raspberry is offline?

    I'm looking for help from anyone for whom this already works.

    I'm using the latest edition of LibreElec (9.2.6) in an Argon ONE M.2 case. I've managed to get everything up and running and booting from the M.2 drive. However, the only part missing is that I can't seem to get the system to power on from the IR receiver.

    I use a harmony hub to control my home theater but I haven't been able to get the Argon ONE case to react when I set a device to communicate via infrared. (I created a windows media center device in the remote app to send a power-on IR signal, but the case never responds.)

    I checked the Argon ONE manual and user support on their site, but the "argonone-ir" script doesn't seem to exist in the libreElec release of Argon Forty scripts, and customer support hasn't replied to my request for assistance yet.

    If anyone has a functional IR setup for the Argon ONE case, could you help me check what might be missing? (forgotten settings, missing scripts, etc.)

    I'm a big novice at this, only started tinkering with raspberries a month ago, so I ask for your understanding.