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    Hi everyone, and again, thank you so much for your help, your messages.

    Sorry i've been silent for a long time, busy with work and needed a break from all that story.

    At the end, i talked about it with a friend, he told me to change the hard disk (ye mentionned it too, among other things).

    By change, recalled that i had a external memory device that had a hard disk. This reveals to be the one needed in the NUC. So i went ahead and changed it... A few weeks later, it's still working fine, never had again this weird error message...

    Thank you again, have everyone a great weekend.

    Might be worth your while reading through this purely to get a sense of what may be at play here. The likes of updating firmware etc are something to consider too. I don’t own a NUC but this post may point you in the right direction to finding a solution. Read it from start to finish before attempting any fixes.…t-boot-from-usb-device/31

    Hi petediscrete

    Thank you for your message, but i don't have a problem with the booting. LE got installed just fine. Its when i launch it again that it refuses to work and i got the error message. So i'm not sure this article will help me much...

    All of this (except the Secure Boot that i already did) is way too complicated for me... This is why i use LE, it's so easy, simple and straightforward...

    I just don't get it, everything is new, the NUC, the ram and the hard disk, the LE version is the one you're all using, and yet, i cannot enjoy it. And nobody knows this error message and no one can give me an explanation.

    Sorry lads, i am very upset.

    Thank you all anyway.

    I don't know what i'm going to do.

    Thank you very much for your message VLouis

    I'm using the LE with Raspberry Pi (2x RPi3B, one RPi4B), I'm just writing the image to SD-card, put in the RPi and working.

    > I do not have a sd card player on my pc, so i cannot try this way...

    So if I understod correctly, you prepaired an USB stick with the LE and installed the LE to the NUC internal SSD (HDD?)?

    You successfully started once or more the LE from NUC internal storage, and after that happen the "Failed to read blocks 0x7" issue?

    That looks to me as the installtion went OK, and something happen when you (re)start the LE.

    > You've understood perfectly

    Maybe some kind of BIOS or SSD boot issue in case of LE?

    > As said earlier, i updraded the bios after the first failed attempt. And it went fine.

    About the HDD, it is new.

    But why not an issue with it...

    Ubuntu use the Grub as boot manager, maybe the LE use something else?

    > I wouldn't know.

    Could be possible to use two USB sticks? One with the LE "Installation kit" and to be install to another?

    > It is such a mess with the usb stick that go crazy everytime, but why not trying it. But to be honest, now i got the installation file on my desktop...

    Maybe could be useful to share more inrmation about your NUC device, like model, processor, RAM, storage (SSD/HDD), if somebody else using same device and have any idea what is happen.

    > Alright

    Intel NUC NUC7CJYHN Barebone Intel Celeron J4005 2*SoDDR4 Wi-Fi/BT No OS -

    Toshiba 500gb MQ01ABD050 Hard Disk

    Lexar SODIMM DDR4 RAM 8 GB 3200 MHz

    Have you tried to create a Ubuntu Live USB stick so you can fully evaluate your NUC. I assume you are a Windows user so follow these instructions. You can then eliminate hardware issues on your NUC and your USB stick. If the stick boots Ubuntu Live you’ll know your problem lies with your image creator

    Good morning petediscrete , and thank you for your message.

    Yes i already did it, it was one of the first idea from VLouis and Da Flex.

    I installed Ubuntu, everything went fine.

    Still, i'am really amazed no one is familiar with this error message... Even on the internet, there isn't many pages with this error... Actually one, two with mine lol.

    But the other one is talking about image writing it seems...

    Maybe it's worth to reformat an USB stick before writing the image. Use a slow / precise USB formatter. I think image writers don't do that process very precise.

    ahah i reformat 50 times each USB stick since the beginning of this story... As i have windows poping-up and asking me to... And i format them by myself to be sure it's clean before writing the image...

    I really don't get what's going on

    PS: You can use GParted to check / format a USB stick. GParted is known to be precise.

    How do i do this ?

    Alright, but i really start to think the issue comes from the writing of the image.

    Let me explain Da Flex : everytime i flash the LE image on an USB stick, at the end of the process, i got windows poping-up, and i got messages to format the disk... Whereas since this week, i paid attention to have only one "disk" on my USB stick... I don't know why, everytime it seems the writing wants to open/create several disks from the USB stick... I'm really concerned by this and think more and more this could be the issue.

    I don't know if i make myself clear enough ?

    Hi Da Flex

    Sorry i've been busy.

    I've just ran the test, let it run for 25mn to be sure ;), and it's all fine.

    Of course, when i lunched the NUC again, i got the "Failed to read blocks 0x7" error message...

    Seems it's a pretty unknow message, is it ?

    Have you or VLouis another idea, another test or check to do ?

    Thank you very much

    Hi Da Flex and VLouis

    Thank you very much for your answers.

    I ran as an admin the LE image creator.

    I think at the end the issue was coming for the usb stick, as you've been thinking since the beginning Vlouis, because it Was opening many windows at the end of the writing (different discs). I thought it did the necessary by clearing the differents parts and by just having one, but it seems the issue is still here, as i got some windows opening after the end of the writing (this time indeed, the writing didn't stop before the end of the writing).

    I've intalled LE (instead of Ubuntu).

    Kodi is there, it's all great.

    I switched it off then on again, still working.

    Then tried to lauch it again, but it remained on the "Intel NUC" screen for a while...

    I switched off and on again, and this time, the "Failed to read blocks 0x7" is back... ;(

    Seriously, the writing was fine this time. You will tell me to get back to Ubuntu and install Kodi on it... But all this is on my tv, i don't want Ubuntu, which is more for PC's it seems...

    None of you knows what to do about this error message ?

    How come it could run, and then not run, i don't get this...

    Thank in advance for your answers

    Hi VLouis, thanks for your answer.

    Then, i should try to install LE instead of Ubuntu, right ?

    I didn't know i could strat the LE image creator with admin rights... And i tried with the two UBS sticks i have... But as i could write the image with other tools, i really think something goes wrong with the LE image creator...

    Let's see after your reply... Can i have Ubuntu AND LE ? Two OS ?


    Hi VLouis

    Thank you so much for your answer.

    Alright, so i've installed Ubuntu.

    My NUC can start without mistake, a big thank you for that.

    Now, what do i do ?

    The target of using LibreElec was to use Kodi to read all my movies that are on my NAS... Now i'm a bit lost...

    Shall I... install LibreElec ? Since it is another OS, i guess this question is really stupid...

    Can i directly install Kodi ?

    Good morning everybody

    Hope someone can help, i really want to cry :(


    I got myself a brand new Intel NUC as the previous one didn't want to function anymore.

    I had a lot of problems with the LibreELEC image creator, who would always stops 2-3 seconds before the end of the writing, FYI.

    I used another tool to write it and installed LibreELEC on the NUC. Everything went well, i got LE and Kodi, this was thursday eveving.

    The next day, i turned the NUC on, and got this message : "Failed to read blocks 0x7".

    I tried to do several things, looked on the internet... Updated the NUC's BIOS version (it is brand new but is from 2020 i think ;)), then got a few other errors, that i think i solved...

    Then i wondered if the LibreELEC image/version was well written the first time (which may be a strange thing to think about, as it was working well...), and tried to write it again, this time with balenaEtcher.

    I got the image written and wanted to install LibreELEC again... But this time i got a "The selected boot image was not authenticated" message.... I guess this is not the proper way to install LibreELEC again when it's already installed ?

    Now i'm back at the "Failed to read blocks 0x7, the NUC won't start.

    Please can somebody help me ? I would really like use my new NUC ;)

    I was doing it when you wrote to me!

    I checked online and found a way!

    Thank you so much for your answers!

    One thing though : I first downloaded the Linux x64 file (because my device is a Linux run stuff) and couldn't open it on my computer.

    Then I tried with the x32, with the same result.

    I had to use the windows one to be able to get something out of it.

    But now that I'm thinking, maybe this is fair that my computer cannot open this Linux thing...

    Anyway I have LibreElec on my device now 😁

    À very good day to you Klojum

    Hi there

    Thank you for reading my post.

    I've been trying to update my Kodi (i'm on Krypton 17.3 right now) to the Leia version.

    It seems i cannot to this by putting a .rar in my update folder of my media center like i used to do it...

    Then i discovered OpenELEC was dead, and that i should now update my system to LibreELEC.

    So i tried to update it with the "LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.2.6.img.gz" file (the one the website suggets for a AMD / Intel / NVidia machine). It didn't work, but i read there might be a problem between OpenELEC and img.gz file, so i tried with a "LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.2.6.tar" file. This time i got a message "missing Kernel or system".

    After reading other posts, it seems the file is not the correct one ?

    It is not a matter of size anyway, i have nothing else on that little box than its system.

    I'm currently on OPELELEC 8.0.4 (Kernel : Linux 4.9.30).

    Thanks for all your help :)