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    Thanks guys for jumping in!

    I will explain why I wanted to do this since that seemed the 'best' way to make it more user-friendly (as in higher WAF)

    I'm using Jellyfin, which I recently discovered.

    These are the kind of different media on a samba share:

    1. Movies
    2. TV Shows
    3. Concerts/Music Videos
    4. Self recorded/converted video material
    5. Pictures

    - Movies & TV Shows are accessible directly through the main menu and this works fine, so not necessary to change anything there.

    - For Pictures: it would make it very simple to be able to go directly to the Pictures section in the main menu, and seeing the content instead of getting the share/library AND another icon/link to 'Picture add-ons'.

    That makes it more confusing and one 'can get lost' in browsing whereas, like with Movies/TV Shows, you don't have this problem.

    - Concerts/Music Videos: is not populated atm, have to check what goes wrong between LE & Jellyfin.

    - Self recorded material: I also thought of having a direct link to this library, apart from the other video sections

    If there is another/better way to achieve this: very welcome!


    Hi, thanks for your reply and looking into it!

    The crash happens after opening a folder with pictures on the source; it has previews.

    Here is the log:

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    Hi all, new user/first post.

    I have 2 RPi4 with latest LibreElec which work fine.

    Except when viewing pictures on 1 of them: the system crashes & reboots every time.

    Media is on a networkshare.

    Any idea what might be wrong or what I can do to get an idea about it?

    Thanks a lot for helping out!