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    well I've done some more research on the Jetson nano, it will probably take months for it to become usable...

    It uses V4L2 for it's video acceleration as well as NVDEC, kodi doesn't support both of these, VDPAU has been also deprecated by nvidia, some people are currently developing support for Jetson's video acceleration for kodi, but it's not yet on mainline kodi.

    what other devices could serve me well? maybe even for 12-bit HEVC.

    My advice is wait for LE10 to come out (and see which test devices actually make). Otherwise H6 seems to be doing fine with h265, although I too am not a 4k user (I did try a 4k h265 file the other day and it seems fine).

    LE10 will officially support allwinner based devices?

    I'm not a 4K user, but I can give some hints anyway. First read this thread, if you don't want an RPi 4B. I don't suggest the Jetson Nano. If you scroll down that article, you'll see that only 91MB memory are left with graphical display attached. That's terrible.

    well AI models take between 1GB up to 6GB of vRAM when used. we know that kodi fits nicely on 512MB Raspberry pi systems.

    also, there is an older 4GB jetson nano variant, so the memory concern is only valid for AI and deep learning users.


    I have been using libreelec for last few years, very stable experience for Raspberry pi, very simple and stable, worked excellent for surround sound and 1080p x264 content, but I'm upgrading to a 4k television and I want to move ahead to x265 content, I know Raspberry pi 4 has some support for x265, and I have read that it has a few issues with it, I'm not sure if these were resolved, but I want to know how viable it is if anyone can tell me.

    I'm also considering buying the Nvidia Jetson Nano instead of rpi4, I'm very experienced with linux and compiling kodi, codecs and stuff, but I do have similiar concerns regarding x265 and HDMI CEC on the Jetson nano.

    I do also run the experimental build of libreelec on an Orange pi pc, it's no that good (the device), I only bought it because they advertised it as x265 4k device, but it was a lie, or wasn't a lie and they meant for closed source android drivers, anyway **** the chinese bastards.

    also I would like to know what other devices are

    Thank you