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    I have a similar issue with my RPi3 and libreelec 9.2.6: I have a BT dongle attached to my RPi and want to connect my Teufel Stereo L speakers.

    When I turn BT OFF via "Libreelec settings --> services" then go to "Libreelec settings --> BT" it shows me no devices and tells me BT is OFF although the dongle is connected. So it would seem the solution under post #9 doesn't work for me (please correct me if I am wrong).

    So what I did is that I added a line in the config.txt "dtoverlay=disable-bt" to disable the onboard BT of my RPi and leave BT under "Libreelec settings --> services" ON. Now it shows me the devices and "hciconfig -a" shows me that it uses the BT USB dongle. However, if there is no sound playing for a while or if I reboot my RPi, I have to go into ""Libreelec settings --> BT" and pair the device (Teufel Stereo L speakers) again.

    How can I set it up that it automatically reconnects on reboot and that it doesn't loose connection if no sound is played? The latter might actually be a standby function of the speakers but would be happy for a solution there as well, e.g. RPi tells them that there is sound again and they switch on (similar as to sending a connect command via "Libreelec settings --> BT".

    I have 9.2.4 installed on a RPi3. When I create two additional profiles (we are two people living in the same household) and then set Kodi to show a login screen at the beginning, if I choose one of the two newly created profiles nothing happens. It remains on the login screen. I can then log in via the Master User and switch users via Settings --> Profile. However, I can then e.g. only choose ENGLISH as language. It is connected via Internet but the "more" option doesn't show. Also under the Settings "LibreElec" doesn't open but it wants me to wait until it is loaded...

    I tried setting up the two profiles today from scratch since yesterday, on a fully running Kodi instance, adding the two profiles later has led to a constant reboot of my RPi3 after the Leia 18.8 screen popped up which lead to it starting in safe mode.