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    I try to install libreelec on my Beelink GS1, but the screen stays black.

    Used different nightly builds on different sd cards. But no luck.

    used 2 different tools, of which rufus is one.

    It look likes that the Beelink GS1 is not supported at all.

    Someone succeeded in installing Libreelec on this device ?

    Well, I'm not really familiar with this board and the issues you might have, but let's go over the usual list:

    1. How do you connect your device and your display?

    2. What's your memory card?

    3. Have you had any success running anything else off the memory card?

    Thanks for your support, below the answers:

    1. Connectivity, included power adapter, Network cable (RJ45) and a HDMI cable

    2. Memorycard: Samsung EVO 128 GB (but small partition only after installing image with Rufus)

    3. Never tried to install another operating system on the device, But I now the memory card is working well, used before.

    I'll see if I have another card to exclude issues with it. But really no idea what I would do wrong.

    Update: I changed the sd card and used the one that was in the Beelink for a few years already. No doubt that this one is fine and works well.

    Downloaded the latest nightly and installed in on the card with rufus.

    Result: exactly the same. black screen and nothing happens, also when waiting for a long time.

    I checked some previous posts in this topic and I see someone mentioned exactly the same issue with the Beelink GS1 one year ago. It seems that this stll hasn”t been solved.

    See page 19 of this threat.

    What do I miss of how to install this image ?

    I have a Beelink GS1 and downloaded the latest nightly build.

    I use the LibreElec USB SD creator tool to install this build on an sd card.

    After switching on my Beelink with that SD card inserted, I only see a black screen.

    No idea how to get it installed on this device.

    Any suggestions ?