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    Posted this issue on Reddit too but no answers so far. Trying my luck here.

    A few times (at random) I've gotten stuck with a frozen screen while watching a TV show or movie. I'm watching with Alldebrid links using either Seren or Fen on RPi 4 running LE 9.2.6

    I looked at the log and the last line is CVideoPlayerAudio::Process - stream stalled

    I tried researching for any possible cause for the stall but didn't get anywhere. I was thinking that it was a buffer or readrate issue, so I increased the buffer to 160MB and the readrate to 7 in the advancedsettings.xml and still getting the same issue.

    Have anybody seen this before? Is this caused by the link itself? Or is the issue in my RPi? It's really frustrating because I have to keep rebooting the RPi and even then still no guarantee that it will work.

    You can see the log file here.

    Any help is truly appreciated.

    newbie first time poster here...

    Been looking around for a way to use RA on RPi4 running LE 9.2.5... basically wanna play N64 games on my RPi..

    Apologize if this has been discussed before but I can't seem to get it to work.. maybe someone can point me to the right direction

    Everytime I opened RA (9.186.20) it just gave me a blank screen. If I downgraded to 9.186.19 it would take me to the RA main screen and then rebooted back to kodi..

    I read somewhere that I have to change the menu driver to "xmb" from "ozone" to get it to work in RPi4.. tried that.. still no joy..

    I did a fresh install of RA 9.186.20 (most current version?) from Gamestarter Repo and ran it to capture the logs. I'm attaching the logs here..

    Any help is appreciated