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    alzinzav  alucard666 Can you test this image? LibreELEC-A20.arm-9.80-devel-20200805221456-bd5130b-cubieboard2.img.gz

    I don't have CB2, but image for OLinuXino-micro works fine. Note that major change in comparison to LE master branch is that it has Linux 5.8.

    Nothing changed. I can see kodi matrix logo, then kodi main screen on half second, then black screen. No ping to cubieboard.


    I think hdmi out problem or clock problem. On other TV with 720p resolution, I can see kodi home screen and first startup wizard. But If I click on next button, black screen again.

    Log from serial port:

    Hello all!

    I have cubieboard2, with compiled master branch of Libreeelec.

    When I start cubieboard I see Libreelec logo, then Kodi logo, but after that nothing happen with black screen. I try to ping cubieboard by IP,but no luck.

    1. Can anyone provide link to working image for cubieboar2?

    2. What can be wrong with my setup?