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    It can do both 2.4 and 5 but I also see on other threads that libreelec finds only 2.4 connection and not 5 and i meant 12 Mb/s , and i can't with 3 mbps or below to have a proper internet access on libreelec

    I just tried it, nothing the connection speed it is the same but when I connect it with wired connection I get 12mbps but I want with wireless since the router is far from the television that I want to use the libreelec


    Recently,i tried libreelec project but i am facing a major issue. The wifi connection is 3 mbps instead of 7-9mbps that i have on other devices in the same spot ,it's difficult to connect through wired connection because the router is 3-4 meters away, i also tried the connection with a wifi adpater (wifi usb) and i get the same speed. is there any way to fix that issue or somehow increase the connection speed ? because sometimes i also get wifi speed below than 1.3mbps . ( i am using raspberry pi 4b 8GB ram model)

    thanks for the precious time of whoever read this thread , and sorry for my bad english