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    You're sure you tried this LibreELEC-RK322x.arm-9.2-devel-20200427213246-b7186bc-rk3228b-a8.img.gz? If v88mars boots, this should definitly also boot ... I looked at your devicetree ... It matches completly the one I used for createing the v88mars image, Unless you can provide any debugs logs where an/the error appears I can't help

    yes i did. i tried all, some images show blue led but no post, most show no led and no post at all. only v88 mars works but then , black screen after a few seconds but blue led is still on. i think its not an hdmi issue because ssh also stops so the devices seems to have crashed but stuck in blue led. how do you generate debian logs? the kodi logs dont really tell anything. ive attached a sample kodi log which i extracted from the device after another crash.


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    ongkal You can't use dtbs from android for libreelec .... esp. not when you orignal dtb is for kernel 3.10. Have you tried Alfawise A8 image also? If it doesn't work either, attach your extracted dtb here ... I'll have a look on it. Transforming isn't that easy: you'll have to know both kernels (4.4 and 3.10) in detail.

    thanks man. yeah. that one doesnt boot for some reason. can you check the attached dtb? thank you so much, man.rk-kernel.dtb.txt

    aldelph if you somehow modified your internal emmc/nand in order to boot armbian use le images will no longer work, since the bootsequence is different. my images are intended to work on an unmodified internal storage. so to get it booting: revert internal storage back to android or erease it completly. also I'm not sure if rufus works for writing le images - you should use LibreELEC USB-SD Creator! – LibreELEC for that purpose.

    MIKMXIII see first post how to get the mainlline images (note: there are some regressions regarding supported features)

    can you teach me how to extract dtb from image and use it to boot libreelec? v88 mars is the only bootable one i can find from your repo but my box restarts after a few seconds. i tried extracting dtb using rockchip android tool in windows and replace the existing one in the v88 mars image but it doesnt boot.

    hey guys. i was hoping someone would help. i have an mk4vb v02 device and has the same hardware combo as v88 mars. the v88 mars image boots among all the images but kodi crashes to black screen after a few seconds. it successfully boots to kodi but crashes just a few seconds in. attached is my log.


    • kodi.log

      (70.57 kB, downloaded 34 times, last: )