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    I have Nextcloudpi running on my raspberry pi 4 and LibreELEC on an raspberry pi 3 and I have some music and photos on my nextcloud I want to access with Kodi.

    I managed to add a source with webDAV but only with a DynDNS service. I only use LibreELEC within my home network. So I want to avoid the bottle neck of my internet connection and use the IP adress of my Nextcloud instead of the DynDNS domain.

    I entered everything needed (picture 1) the same way it worked with my domain, but I only get the message "unable to conect" (picture 2).

    Is there something wrong or is there a reason why I can´t add a source with a local ip adress?

    What are good alternatives within a network to share files with LE?

    thank you for your help


    I just installed LibreELEC 9.2.3 (Kodi V 18.7) on my Raspberry Pi 3 b+.

    To power up the Pi I want to use this switch from PiSupply because I dont want to unplug and plug again the usb power cable. With this switch I just have to push a button on the case to boot/power down LibreELEC.

    But this switch needs software to work propperly. I tried to install it using SSH because it seems like there is no terminal avaiable in LibreELEC. UnfortunalIy get the following error:

    I removed "sudo" from the command because I am already root when I use SSH.

    So I cannot install the software using curl -sSL. Is there any other way installing the software? I don´t know if I can just use another commant instead of curls -sSL or apt-get (even though I didn´t used apt-get, it is listet in the error log) or if I can edit some files on the SD Card (I am really new to both linux and libreELEC). Or can I install the software using the addons in Kodi?

    In case there is no way installing the software, are there any other ways to boot the RasPi with a button? I know, a switch would be much easier, but I dont want to flip it anytime I powered off the system to cut the power circuit.

    Thank you for your help :)