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    I already cleaned

    I only have these overclocking lines :

    echo 5 > /sys/class/mpgpu/max_freq;

    echo 5 > /sys/class/mpgpu/min_freq;

    echo performance > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor;

    I confirm having same problem with original

    overscan is to do with the tv, can you change your TVs screen mode to get rid of the overscan? Mine for example I set to ‘full’ or ‘auto’ otherwise the only solution I’m aware of is to set it in Kodi.

    And yeah 4096x2160 is true cinema 4K but you won’t find that on ‘4K’ TVs as technically they should be called Ultra HD but the 4K label kinda got attached to them

    I found the overscan parameter on my TV which solves the problem for 1080p, thanks!

    Even if I prefer 4K resolution, its better than no PSP emulation.

    I hope niabi could find something to get back to it.

    3840 x 2160 is 4K, I had this issue but fixed when changed resolution to 1080p in Kodi

    Thanks for the tip, it works but switch to 1080p is not a definitive solution as I have to set up overscan.

    Overscan in kodi is ok but not apply in ES.

    Is there anyway to get a resolution above 1080p in PPSSPP ?

    PS : btw exact 4K resolution is 4096X2160

    Very interesting !

    I'm currently using sx05re build from niabi for kodi first and emulation second.

    I'm always chasing ways to speed up kodi and would like to apply this.

    But in storage is located the roms folder which needs lot of space.

    Do you think possible to keep roms folder on sdcard ?

    an updated version has been uploaded, only minor fixes where updated so if you already added ROMS to ES and you have it working no need to download it again :)

    Thanks for this Niabi. Problem solved :thumbup:

    I now have something weird regarding kodi.

    I know kodi is not your focus but I'm wondering why audio passthrough is not available in your build and is ok in kszaq's one.

    In audio devices in your build there are two choices : ALSA PCM and PULSE AUDIO.

    In kszaq's build there are three choices : ALSA PCM, ALSA HDMI and PULSE AUDIO.

    I have no options at all under audio passthrough (I'm in expert mode and sync to playback is disabled).

    Do you know in which aspect you build is different from kszaq regarding kodi and audio ?

    I'm frustrated as I really want to enjoy all your new features about emulation but can't get multi-channel audio with kodi.

    Thank you for your help ;)

    kszaq - on my box the current value for /sys/class/mpgpu/cur_freq is 500, not a single digit. Should I still change it to just 5 if I want to try the higher frequency?

    For info, the contents of every file in /sys/class/mpgpu/ are

    Any information about this post plz? I encounter the same problem.

    Where do we have to input "echo 5" to overclock the gpu?



    I have some questions about the Estuary Mod (Estuary MOD - KODI 17 (UPDATED 02/04/17)) using LE8.0 on s905x (minimxIII-II).

    I'm trying using it but the device seems to struggle, it's not fluent and it takes seconds to open new pages.

    I'm using a SanDisk Extreme Plus micro SD card, I'm wondering if installtointernal can provide better performance.

    Does anybody use this wonderful skin with s905 and give me a feedback about it plz?

    Do you know if s905 devices can handle it ?


    Hi Niabi,

    Your work is very interesting! Thanks for it.

    It's very close to what I'm looking for. I'm using Kodi regularly and I have a separate Retropie setup.

    I'm searching the better way to merge them on s905 and your build fullfill that. Personally I prefer start on kodi and then change to ES.

    Is it difficult to modify the boot order?

    It works just like normal, blinks for a brief moment then its steady.

    I just tried 3 different versions of the 360 controller, a white one a black one an a third party, all of the blink briefly an then they are steady, no hub. But I also connected a USB hub with no extra power, and connected the 3 at the same time and they all worked as intended.

    If its a power issue, my device does not have it.

    Thank you for your answer, my xbox 360 controller is wireless which seems to be different.

    Irusak mentioned amlogic old kernel. It seems that I'm really stuck with this...