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    Spent 20 mins on aliexpress trying to find any Ralink or Atheros 5GHz USB dongle but no luck at all :) Literally, there is almost nothing to buy except Realtek ;)

    There are very few Atheros-based and Ralink RT2* and RT3*-based USB dongles, 2.4GHz only. Please also note – all CONFIG_RT2800USB supported devices (RT2770, RT2870 & RT3070, RT3071 & RT3072) are ancient today and RT2870 driver is buggy.

    Also, I found small amount of Mediatek MT7610U and MT7612U-based dongles which are supported I believe. Perhaps it is sad, but support for Realtek devices is needed, in fact.

    Oh, thanks for your great work and excellent LE. Though, my intention was different – I'm wrote here not to force to do something or criticize anything, but just to ask for the help for «what dongle should I buy?». I'm using RT2870-based dongle for more than 10 years and one and only problem is that in some kernels (like current LE kernel, previous builds was unaffected) I periodically got the same «flush queue» error and I need to replug the dongle after that. Personally I see no benefits for using wired network instead of wireless – using dedicated 5GHz frequency. WoL perhaps? Someone may needed in this, of course…

    Sorry but I do not understand what are «most HTPC devices», especially x86_64 arch… Using the list of those «most devices» I can found what wireless chipset are used there. In fact, I'm just looking for any guidelines for choosing the dongle. Thanks :)

    Please note: some modules ffrom the list above may (or may not) also support some other devices. For instance, some RTL8812AU module builds I found support RTL8811AU as well. But some – aren't (at least that wasn't declared explicitly).

    Though, we still need the official list of supported wireless devices. At least because it is a high risk to bought unsupported dongle.

    That's what I found (Realtek related):





















    I've started this thread because yet another time driver for my RT2870-based dongle has been broken (not the frist time, I believe somewhere in mainline kernel). I have another dongle, RTL8821-based, but it isn't suppoted. Thus, I need another wireless USB dongle, but I do not know what exactly I need? Is there any list of supported chips? Can I use for instance CONFIG_RTL_CARDS from mainline kernel for reference or what else? The vast majority of cheap dongles are unsupported RTL8811/8821… I found some amount of RTL8188CU devices, but I'm not sure that they are supported in LE, though I see there are relevant CONFIG_RTL8XXXU and CONFIG_RTL8192CU kernel options.

    Upd: there is no /proc/config.gz and I was unable to find actual kernel .config to check for included drivers