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    Hi, after installing libreelec and running the kodi ... when I start the movie it runs smoothly .... but after trying to jump or stop it freezes. Any advice? I tried versions 18.3 and 18.6..the same problem. I tried using the ares wizard to change the cache did not help

    Problem solved. The picture showed how the device behaves when trying to boot Libreelec .....

    Now for a solution for others ..... in order for the minix neo x8h to successfully connect to the pc ... it is necessary to connect it to the pc .... press and hold the reset button .... have the power cord disconnected .... only now connect the power cord .... still hold the reset button .... press the power button and minix will connect .... successfully play the firmware with lollipop for minix neo x8h ( ... everything went successfully .. .can any version of kodi can now be loaded .... libreelec from sd will also run without any problems. Until this moment, before we managed to play kitkat on lollipop ... it was not possible to boot from sd. :)

    Hi, I have a Minix NEO X8H. I tried to connect it to the pc via cable and upgrade to Lollipop ..... the device did not connect at all ... so I decided to try Libreelec and found a procedure on this forum how to do it using an sd card ... let me try what I'm trying to not boot at all ..... the only time I got a little further was an attempt to boot from sd with the version of Krypton but it still turned out like this ... Can anyone please advise me?