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    I can't find image for olimex A64 board. That's strange because i do have the board with a working libreelec system and I thought i got it here.

    I was trying to install libreelec on emmc but after using dd it does not boot and after reinstalling u-boot it doesn't find the partition to mount. When in the sd card system with ssh it doesn't list emmc device in dev.

    Sure, "just" pick patches from LE build system. Note, Kodi on LE does HW video decoding with patched ffmpeg and proper use of it. This probably won't work with random video player. I think that mpv needs only one small patch but I didn't try it in a long time. There is also an effort to make proper VAAPI layer which would be useful for most players but it currently doesn't work with latest kernel and wouldn't work with HW decoding improvements from LE without modifications. That's because kernel API for this kind of VPU HW is not yet stable and changes from kernel to kernel.

    Thanks for your answer.

    I would like to try that.

    So in theory I need to apply the patches from '' ?

    The player i would like to use is indeed mpv. Do you know where i can find the patch ?

    Would I also need patches from libreelec for the kernel ? It seems so because when looking at linux/patches/amlogic/ there is some patches linked to lima.

    Should I also use the patches from projects/Allwinner/devices/A64/patches ?

    The build i would to try first is OLIMEX/build.


    At this day, Libreelec seems to be the only distro to have mainline kernel, lima and hardware acceleration working on Olimex A64 and A20(I don't know about the other boards if the problem is present in all allwinner board with mali gpu). Is it possible to get this working on another distribution like debian or gentoo ?