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    Just apply the workaround in this thread and the stuttering is gone: Video stutter 25Hz Videoplayback with Hardwaredecoding Libreelec 9.0

    And it is not a Kodi issue, it is a Kernel issure afaik. And to be honest i would not switch to Kodi 19, its okay for testing but far away from a "daily driver" system.

    Already applied that. GPU frequency is 750 MHz during playback (just checked again to make sure) but 25fps videos are still stuttering very much...

    Thank you for all your help.

    Klojum As far as I know only Intel NUCs are suffering from this issue. And yea, it's kinda like "What has been seen cannot be unseen". Especially when I install Kodi 17.6 and run a 25fps video it's so smooth without tinkering around with all these different settings...It's so strange to me.

    Nicolas These are my settings as well, right on the spot. :)

    smp Milhouse is on Kodi 19 as far as I know but it's worth the shot I believe. Would there be any issues with older (official) addons from the Kodi repository?

    I also want to say that the problem exists to this day. I am using a NUC6CAYH with the newest LE version. I tried everything from whitelisting to the trick but nothing helps. I just try to avoid 25fps content because it is unwatchable. A couple of weeks ago I installed an old LE version with Kodi 17.6. It has absolutely no problems at all playing 25fps content stutter free which blows my mind...

    I think there are just not enough NUC users at all to make this issue relevant.

    Mince Currently a lot of CyberGhost users have this issue. There is a DNS resolving issue with the new servers. Obviously CyberGhost technicians have no idea how to fix it but I hope they will in the future.

    Mistico Yesterday Zomboided pushed a new update for CyberGhost locations (LOCATIONS.TXT). This LOCATIONS.txt is actually from a CyberGhost engineer so the list is up-to-date at the moment. The VPN Manager get stuck at "checking location info..." so it is not able to determine the location. I think Zomboided is very tired of these CyberGhost issues because unlike other providers they are using different server addresses and a version of OpenVPN which is obviously outdated.

    I am in touch with CyberGhost support and asked them to reprocude this behavior in their "lab" or whatever (LibreELEC, x64/x86 Device). I am waiting for feedback.

    Sadly with the new Locations the error remains: Connection takes very long ("checking location info" message), afterwards it immediately disconnects and reconnects in a loop. Even when there is a connection it is not really connected because it runs in a timeout when checking location... :(

    So in fact now is nothing working anymore.

    I saw on Github that Netherlands was working for a guy but not for me. So there must be something wrong with certain Systems.

    Maybe you also need to Update the ca.crt on GitHub?

    EDIT: I have once again reached out to CyberGhost and asked them to simulate this issue with their LibreELEC installation (which they obviously have because on their website there is a tutorial for VPN Manager w/ OpenELEC & LibreELEC). I will keep you updated.

    If I understood it correctly CyberGhost technicians will update the required files by themselves and try to get in touch with you zomboided . That's not what I asked for, they are obviously doing it proactively....

    I have reached out to CyberGhost for a statement. I hope that every users are connecting to the new 100-1 and 101-1 servers and that they support OpenVPN 2.4. That's the best-case. If not I guess CyberGhost is not supported anymore by your addon sadly, which is totally understandable.

    As far as I can tell they migrate to the 100-1 and 101-1 servers, at least my devices are connecting to these servers. Too bad tho but I can understand. :(

    But I still think it's worth the shot because as of now almost no countries are working anymore with VPN manager. If we can connect to 100-1 and 101-1 it will be a big deal I think and everything should work again.


    I created an account here because I want to help fixing the ongoing issues with CyberGhost and VPN Manager.

    However I am not quite sure what the issue is. I know that CyberGhost changed a lot of URLs and only the countries with old address are working with VPN Manger by Zomboided.

    For example Austria: Because the old URLS and are still online VPN Manager is working (these URLs are also in the LOCATIONS.txt). When I change the URLs in the LOCATIONS.txt to and a connection is not possible although the link is working. Does it mean the Kodi VPN Manager is not supporting OpenVPN 2.3 or what exactly is the issue?


    zomboided If you need a list of all new server addresses I can give it to you, that's no problem. But will it work again then? I can also give you my account credentials to take a look into the CyberGhost backend.

    EDIT: I attached the ovpn files for switzerland TCP and UDP. The LOCATIONS.txt lines should be these two ones:

    Switzerland (TCP),,tcp,443,#REMOVE=1 #PINGSPEED=15 #PINGEXIT=90

    Switzerland (UDP),,udp,443,#PINGSPEED=5 #PINGEXIT=60

    I hope it helps.