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    guide xml file changed with the new timezone but TVH still offset by 5 hours Grrr

    Currently Showing:
    <programme start="20170221150000 +0000" stop="20170221153000 +0000" channel="WRDQ HDTV (TV27)">
    <title lang="en">Hot in Cleveland</title>
    <sub-title lang="en">Elka Takes a Lover</sub-title>
    <desc lang="en">Elka Takes a Lover. Emmy makes a surprising announcement on the eve of Victoria's film premiere; Elka takes a younger lover</desc>
    <icon src="" />

    Instead it suppose to be showing:
    <programme start="20170221100000 +0000" stop="20170221110000 +0000" channel="WRDQ HDTV (TV27)">
    <title lang="en">Law &amp; Order: Criminal Intent</title>
    <sub-title lang="en">Conscience</sub-title>
    <desc lang="en">Conscience. While investigating the death of a woman found in a swimming pool, detectives learn that she was a medical researcher</desc>
    <icon src="" />

    I'm lost... I restarted TVH every time... restart the whole HTPC and nothing.
    I will try later on TVH 4.2 see if I can get it to work with my USB Tuner and maybe it works better with this EPG stuff...

    I did try with TVH 4.2 but for some reason I couldn't get my USB Tuner to work so I went back to 4.0(9). Let me change the timezone to Europe/London and give it a try. Should I uncheck the EIT Local Time as it was or do I leave it checked.

    Thanks for the info.. I only have under Networks an EIT Local Time checkmark. I don't have a place to enter the time offset. I'm I missing something? Running TVH 4.0(9).

    I did used the same timezone as the timezone set on LibreElec (America/New_York). I edited my ini file and used that timezone. However it is coming with that many hours offset. Is there any other location that I need to change?

    Ok. It seems I was able to get webgrabplus to work properly. I got my guide_wpg.xml populated with some sample channels I'm testing with. I'm using that file with TVHeadend and using it with the TVH HTSP Client on Kodi. For some reason shows are off by 5 hours. Kodi/LibreElec are showing the right timezone and date/time is good.. I'm using the same timezone on the file on webgrabplus however shows are offset by 5 hours and I don't know how to fix it. Could it be by that -0500 showing below? If so how I get rid of that. Timezone I'm using America/New_York

    For example now @11:35 EPG on Kodi and also on TVHeadend it is showing:

    <programme start="20170220063000 -0500" stop="20170220070000 -0500" channel="WRDQ HDTV (TV27)">
    <title lang="en">America This Morning</title>
    <desc lang="en">The news rises early in this broadcast that covers domestic and foreign events, sports, weather and tidbits from the world of entertainment</desc>

    Instead of this one...

    <programme start="20170220233500 -0500" stop="20170221003500 -0500" channel="WFTV HDTV (ABC)">
    <title lang="en">Jimmy Kimmel Live</title>
    <desc lang="en">Post-Oscars Show. Robert Downey Jr. Also: a performance by Keith Urban; a "Handsome Men's Club" sketch featuring Matthew McConaughey</desc>
    <icon src="" />
    <programme start="20170221003500 -0500"

    No idea why the file was locked. About the * I was trying to generate a new with the provider/etc I'm using in order to pick channels from there and add those to the config file. So as stated on the instructions I removed all the * at the end of the file and ran webgrab.. but for some reason is not creating any No matter what I do is not populating that with the channels selected from the using the new cookies file.


    Hi. I'm new working with WebGrab+Plus. I'm trying to make a new file with my current channels. I edited the .ini file (removing the first * for the section that creates the actual xml file). I also added one channel to the config file and downloaded the cookies into the same folder as the config file. Everytime I disabled/enable the service I get nothing.. First time I did it.. the was renamed to .old and a new was created by WebGrab+Plus so I'm assuming my Cookie Export was good.

    Below the logs:
    [ ]
    [ ] WebGrab+Plus/w MDB & REX Postprocess -- version V1.57
    [ ]
    [ ] Jan van Straaten
    [ ] Francis De Paemeleere
    [ ]
    [ ] thanks to Paul Weterings and all the contributing users
    [ ] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [ ]
    [ ] Job started at 14/02/2017 00:06:17
    [ Debug ]
    [ Debug ] Running on: Unix
    [ Debug ] Environment: 4.0.30319.17020
    [ Debug ] Mono version: 4.2.1 (Debian )
    [ Debug ]
    [ Debug ] Loading timezone data
    [ Debug ] Embedded timezones source: WGconsole.WG.Common.timezonesdata.txt
    [ Debug ] Reading config file: WebGrab++.config.xml
    [ Debug ] Reading cookie file:
    [ Info ] found: siteini.pack/USA/ -- Revision 04
    [ Debug ] xmltv input file - /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.webgrabplus/guide_wgp.xml - found
    [ Debug ] 0 superfluous shows removed
    [Error ] Could find existing channel (xmltv_id=ABC) in the config file
    [ Info ]
    [ Info ]
    [ Info ] i=index .=same c=change g=gab r=replace n=new
    [ Info ]
    [ Info ]
    [ Info ] Group (0) :
    [ Info ] update requested for - 1 - out of - 1 - channels for 1 day(s)
    [ Debug ]
    [ Info ] ( 1/1 ) TV.COM -- chan. (xmltv_id=ABC) -- mode Force
    [Warning ] cannot access /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.webgrabplus/guide_wgp.xml
    [Warning ] file in use by an other process!
    [Warning ] will retry for 30 seconds
    [Error ] giving up writing to /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.webgrabplus/guide_wgp.xml
    [Error ] channel not updated!!
    [ Info ]
    [ Debug ]
    [ Debug ] 0 shows in 1 channels
    [ Debug ] 0 updated shows
    [ Debug ] 0 new shows added
    [ Info ]
    [ Info ]
    [ ] Job finished at 14/02/2017 00:06:48 done in 31s

    Any help? Please advised.

    Hi Team,

    I'm using openELEC since the early days... running v7.0 Beta 3 right now.. considering moving to LibreELEC but I have one question.. Currently my setup of NFS on openELEC is using the old method of using the script to mount my NFS shares and it is working no problem.. If I upgrade to LibreELEC will that setup continue to work? Or do I need to move that to the systemd network mounts? I will prefer to have it the way they are now.

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advanced.