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    I am running LibreELEC 9.2.6 on rPi4.

    I have tried to connect to it using Putty on W10. After entering the correct IP address that has been checked by pinging, the connection hangs without any message.

    SSH was enabled without changing default password by install. Any idea?



    I have installed Libreelec 9.2.1 on Pi 4 with cooling fan that is connected to GPIO 4 (red) and 6 (black) directly without a transistor. I wanted to control this fan depending on the temperature of CPU. Found some information on internet, and based on these i programmed the Pi as the following:

    Created a file in /storage/.config/ with access 755.

    It contains the following script

    Then i made another file named in /storage/.config/ with access 755

    Lastly i created an file in /storage/.config/ with


    I have reboot the pi, but the fan is not controlled, it is non stop works with cpu temperature 35.

    What did i do wrong? How to make it work?

    thank you