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    Thanks Klojum. I installed my brother a fresh build with only TVHeadend, Amazon and Skygo and it has the same issues. Is there another way to debug this other than manually install one addon at a time? Since this only happens a few times this might take a while an my wife will be "unhappy" not to have the Rpi playing her stuff :)

    Is there anything useful in the crash log?

    Did I do anything wrong, because a few people downloaded the log but there are no pinpointers or other log requests.

    Just to make sure: not ALL crashes get Debug logs, so it might be different mistakes! How can I help to get this fixed?

    Btw: just to make sure: I am not using any illegal addons, just the ones from libreelec repo and kodinerds repo + Sandmans Amazon Addon (legal!) from here:

    [Release] Amazon Prime Instant Video - Addon releases - - Deutschsprachiges Forum zum Kodi Entertainment Center

    So please help :)

    Hi there,

    I have been run Libreelec 7.91 Alpha Builds, Beta Builds and now the final releases (8.00, 8.01 and 8.02). My Pi3 runs almost 24/7, however unfortunately since 7.95 Beta 2 i keep getting some crashes. I thought it was a hardware problem and did not report it, however i have been installing this builds on my brothers rpis (rpi2 and another rpi3) with minimal addons (inputstream, skygo addon, amazon addon) and they have the same issues, so i want to report this to get fixed.

    The problem comes about 3-4 times a week (so not really reproduceable) and i still get a black screen when I turnon the tv. I can't no longer connect via app and need to hard reset the PI (cut power and reboot). This fixes the issue, however its not really good, since I run a tvheadend server on it and missed a few shows because of it...

    Latest crashlog attached - I'm happy to provide more.

    Is there anything I need to delete from the logs (some privat cache data or passwords?)?

    Thank you,


    Hi there,

    i modified an addon script and tried to copy a file from /storage/downloads to an addon which worked, however unfortunately I used (while is was in the folder):

    cp /storage/downloads/ ./

    Afterwards i checked with ls -all and saw the new file was +x - so i removed it... afterwards i could do ls ... but when I tried cd /storage/ everything was gone and i could no longer use ls and ls -all.

    It still works in /, but when I go into /storage/downloads its gone. Can anybody tell me how exactly I messed up and tried to help me to fix it?

    Thank you,

    Well my NAS hardware is broken and I question if I should rebuy one and install everything again or just do the simple solution and use it like before... And tvheadend seemed to work better with USB drive then samba share from NAS...

    I don't want real NAS functionality on the rpi, I just want the samba share to put files via network on it...

    I am sure rpi can't use USB3 but my pc can and therefore first writing will be faster...and maybe rpi4 has usb3 [emoji6]

    What do you think about the data format of the hdd?


    Question is basically in the topic: I have a NAS which I'm thinking about removing (or simplifying it) and therefore I was thinking about buying a USB hdd to work with my rpi3. It should be used to store series and tvheadend recordings (files bigger than 4 gb!) and of course should it be possible to share it via samba for putting files on it. Last and import topic: the rpi should be able to put it to sleep after 30 min of not using it...

    Should be fairly simple, however I have two questions:

    1) is there any hardware you would recommend? I would possibly go for this one: WD 3TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive - USB 3.0: Computer & Zubehör

    2) what data format should I use? I have windows and Linux systems, so probably ntfs (or Exfat?)?


    Maybe I can add another variable to the discussion: I use IPTV and therefore no USB device, however I have the same (green lower image distortion) issues with recordings with the latest libreelec rpi3 builds (beta 10 was fine). Issue is only occurring to me with recordings -I haven't found anything during live TV yet... Can I somehow assist further?

    Thank you very much for the addon! My old XMLTV service stopped working on Saturday and it only took me an hour with this addon to have s future proof replacement! It works like a charm on libreelec 8 preview alpha 7... Thank you very much!


    I used to watch Amazon and Sky via the Addons and the corresponding Inputstream.Dash or SmoothStream Addons - however after updating to Alpha 5 I can no longer watch the addons and thought this to be because of the reason my Amazon/Sky Addons have been updated and my Inputstream Addons have not been update. Since the manual update failed I decided to delete and reinstall the addons ... unfortunately I can't reinstall the addons. I also manually tried to remove any Inputstream stuff in /storage/.kodi/addons - but there is none.

    The fault I get in return in the log:

    17:58:12 90.296066 T:1962250240 ERROR: ADDON: no available versions of inputstream.mpd
    17:58:22 100.082863 T:1962250240 ERROR: Previous line repeats 6 times.
    17:58:22 100.083023 T:1962250240 ERROR: ADDON: no available versions of inputstream.smoothstream

    The Libreelec Repo however seems to bee fine and I can (for example) install tvheadend without issues!

    Can someone please help me?


    Hi There,

    I updated my openelec rpi from oe 6.x to libreelec 7.0.2. and then 7.90. alpha 4 and somehow my remote stopped working

    I was using it for about 6 years without issues and it did still work with 7.0.2., however it stopped working when I updated to the last alpha 4. That is my output from

    mesg | grep lirc


    [ 4.938025] lirc_dev: IR Remote Control driver registered, major 243
    [ 5.016017] rc rc0: lirc_dev: driver ir-lirc-codec (streamzap) registered at minor = 0
    [ 104.394269] rc rc0: lirc_dev: driver ir-lirc-codec (streamzap) registered at minor = 0

    So I am pretty sure it still recognizes my remote - however I am not able to use it

    Can someone please help me!!!


    I solved it myself - I found the following config file for my remote:

    I stored it as lircd.conf under \\libreelec\Configfiles\ and rebooted libreelec --> remote works great again

    I added the file to this post (please remove the .txt part at the filename - because for some reason I am not allowed to store .conf) and I am leaving this post for anybody who might need this. Keep up the great work, thanks!