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    For the record: if anybody finds this via search - here a 2 possible solutions:

    I) Solution: Boot up Delay:

    II) Solution: Store the edid.dat and use this if no hotplug is present.

    Remark: This only works for the setup you created the edid.dat with.

    If there is any chance in your hardware setup, you have to redo steps 1-4!

    thats for your feedback and tipps! I looked into it more detailed and have a few interesting findings:

    I have a recent andoid TV (from Sony) and it looks, like the android tv needs to "power up" before "answering" to the pi. When I use the "force HDMI Hotplug" option in config.txt, I get HDMI every time, however it only shows a "small picture in the middle of the screen". Its about 640p (instead of the choosen 1080p) - I guess there is a bug?

    I "fixed" it for me by using the boot_delay=20 option in /flash/config.txt. My TV takes something between 15-19s to boot up into android (if i turn it on fast enough, I still see the android tv boot logo). With delay 15s I still get the error, 20s is working reproducable!

    Thank you for the help. I leave it like this for the moment. Will the config.txt be changed via future updates or will it keep the new option?

    Is this "how it should be" or will this be improved for "plug and play users"? Like a "wait x seconds if no hdmi connections is present, otherwise boot up now". That would actually be quite nice, because with this boot delay a reboot takes forever :)

    edit: two workarounds can be found here:

    RPI3 - No HDMI Output if RPI3 is powered before TV is on - no Problem after Reboot


    I have a very strange issue with the HDMI Output of my RPI3 (however I tried 2 RPI3s and 2 different TVs) - I think this is a Software issue on the Rpi. Same scenario on my Wetek Play2 --> no Problem.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1) Give Power to Rpi3 and TV at the same time (e.g. with a switch)

    2) RPi3 Powers up before my TV can power up

    3) Startup TV and select HDMI channel: no picture/sound via HDMI

    4) RPI is awake and can be restarted with Kore App (ore SSH)

    5) Picture is showing up and everything is running without issues

    As i said: 2 different RPI3s, 2 different TVs - same problem. Same scenario on wetek play2: no issues since about 2 years!

    my guess would be, that on "startup without tv" the follwing screen resolution is choosen:

    720 x 480 with 720 x 480i @ 60.000000 Hz

    This resolution is not in the list when started with TV (only without the i). I tried Libreelec alpha 6,8,9 - is this a known issue? Can this be fixed?

    Thank you,


    attached log with startup without tv (13:05) with issue and startup after reboot with tv (13:14) which works without issues.

    only noticeable difference i find in the log:

    on startup without TV (13:05):

    on startup with TV:


    I use the latest alpha 9 on my wetek play 2 and use a hdmi cable to connect the wetek play 2 with an up to date Sony TV. This is connected to a sound bar via hdmi ARC (audio return channel).

    I use my TV remote to control everything which usually works pretty good. However in 2 use cases I have issues:

    1) when I startup my TV (libreelec is still on), I need to wait for the soundbar to completely boot up to control libreelec. It shows me kodi for about 5-10 seconds before I get reaction to remote key presses...

    2) when kodi goes into screensaver mode my soundbar goes into auto standby after some time. Unfortunately I can no longer control kodi in this state until I restart my soundbar either via power button or switch to hdmi channel from the soundbar (to start it) and then back to kodi.

    My guess would be, that libreelec only reactions on feedback from the soundbar, when actually TV remote feedback would suffice. Is it possible to fix this somehow?



    I just updated my wetek play 2 to the latest alpha build (005) and tried to open Inputstreams from Amazon, Sky, Maxdome. Every single one of them failed - with the old widevine file (working before update) and the most recent one (Downloaded via inputstream.helper).

    In the log i find this (example):

    09:36:09.161 T:3526718320  NOTICE: [Amazon VOD] Using inputstream.adaptive Version:
    09:36:09.341 T:4092997648  NOTICE: VideoPlayer::OpenFile: /storage/Amazon/TV/Brooklyn Nine-Nine/Brooklyn Nine-Nine - S01E01 - Wir fangen Verbrecher und sehen gut dabei aus.strm
    09:36:09.350 T:3339072368  NOTICE: Creating InputStream
    09:36:09.351 T:3339072368   ERROR: ADDON: Could not locate
    09:36:09.352 T:3339072368   ERROR: IAddonInstanceHandler::CreateInstance: inputstream.adaptive returned bad status "Permanent failure" during instance creation
    09:36:09.352 T:3339072368   ERROR: CVideoPlayer::OpenInputStream - error opening [/storage/Amazon/TV/Brooklyn Nine-Nine/Brooklyn Nine-Nine - S01E01 - Wir fangen Verbrecher und sehen gut dabei aus.strm]
    09:36:09.352 T:3339072368  NOTICE: CVideoPlayer::OnExit()

    So my guess is this line:

    ERROR: ADDON: Could not locate

    However I dont know how to fix it. Does anyone have the same issue and can help me?

    Thank you,


    edit: i fixed it by copying to, but I hardly believe this is the way it should be :)

    I created a github issue for this: Inputstream fails due to wrong file request · Issue #191 · peak3d/inputstream.adaptive · GitHub