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    I did not explain myself very well. Correction: I added a source for TV Shows content at \\Disk\TV Shows. When I connect the external disk it automatically shows up on the sources and I set content to None on the disk source.

    So this is how Movies looks:

    This is how TV shows looks:

    If I go to Files I have these sources:

    The disk source I set to:

    And the TV shows source I set to:

    I have an external disk with a TV Shows folder as indicated here Naming video files/TV shows - Official Kodi Wiki and another called Movies.

    I added a source for TV Shows content at \\Disk\TV Shows and set content to None to the disk source that automatically shows on file paths. Where I run "update library" the movies shows up on the library but none of TV Show. The TV Show name is "tv show s01e01".

    Any idea?

    I tried to change the "Physical Address (Overrules HDMI Port)" to 1 or 2 but after reboot it is 0 again :s

    UPDATE: Changed the value to 1000 following the info on this website and it is working :)


    If I boot RPi connected to TV through HDMI I can control it using TV remote as it found the TV as CEC device. After it boot I connect it through the soundbar ( RPi <-HDMI-> SoundBar <-HDMI-> TV ) and still can control it using the TV remote however if I boot the RPi while it is connected this way RPi <-HDMI-> SoundBar <-HDMI-> TV it finds the soundbar as CEC device instead of TV. It is possible to get some "TV CEC id" and force it as CEC source?

    Thank you