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    Howdy escalade

    So I'm revisiting this now with some "udpated" hardware. Now running with an i5-4460, but with the same GTX 1650 GPU. Since I do have onboard video, I will try this with said onboard. However, in the meantime, I just wanted to confirm what I see.

    Firstly, I'm using the latest build out of the skylake folder as I see nothing in haswell.

    That said, the sway process is pretty well pegged, causing the overall system to essentially hang. I'm guessing it has to do with what had been mentioned previously in that my GPU is "too new."

    I'm guessing that I should be able to simply test via removing said GPU and see what the result is. Just wanted to confirm here that it's most likely the case and whether I can do anything on my side to confirm.

    I've looked at the last few pages for references to this and it seems to be the case.



    And sure enough, that seems to be the case. I've also changed to the latest generic build with the same issue. The onboard GPU seems good to go.

    I guess nothing I can can do but wait for appropriate drivers for said GPU?

    Thank you. Installs fine now, but won't start.

    Docker and alsa-config service fails to start.

    Then hangs after Started Update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes.

    Let me swap out the vid card with something older...I have an 8800GT floating around I can test with.

    Failing that, thanks for the build, but this was a test to see whether the SW will do what I want. It wasn't the final HW I was going to use save for the video card.

    For the record, all my HW is as follows:

    Asus P6X58D Premium


    12G of RAM (just because it's what I had)

    1TB SSD off onboard Marvell controller

    GTX 1650


    I've swapped the card and I now get a boot loop with last message of systemd-shutdown: Failed to finalize loop devices, ignoring. I did re-install after swapping that card with the same result.

    I have used a current build of Lakka by itself and it seems OK (running in live mode anyway). I'm going to test a standalone build of Kodi as well.

    All that said, if you're interested in trying to get it working, I'm willing to do whatever required. However, as it's not the end all be all HW I'll be using, no need to spend time working on a one-off.

    Thanks for what you've done already though.

    Gotcha. So double whammy here in that my CPU is not only too old, but the wrong architecture, and my GPU is too new.

    Guess I have some learning to do.

    My images are built and optimized for the Intel Silvermont architecture which is now 7 years old. Anything older than that probably won't run and you'll have to build for yourself. Newer generations of nvidia is not supported, as I'm now using the open source nouveau driver. Nvidia Wayland support just isn't there yet.


    I’ve recently started delving into finding an all in one solution for a media player that goes a bit beyond Plex and happened to run across this particular version.

    I’m testing with some older HW at the moment, an X58 based system, though with a GTX 1650.

    I’ve seen older posts relating to this issue, but simply, I’m getting a file system corruption message immediately after launching the installer.

    I’m using the most recent version. And as I’m only able to get to this point, there’s not a whole lot I can provide other than what I’ve described at the moment.

    I’m currently using a 256GB SanDisk cruiser fit. I’ve also tried a 64GB micro SD. Somewhere is a 32GB flash drive that I usually use for these kinds of things but can’t for the life of me find it. Though I’ve had issues with some larger drives in this regard in the past, I can’t say whether this is that, or the image itself at this point.

    That said, I’m open to suggestions and can provide any additional info required.

    Thanks in advance...