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    besit changes are already merged and fix will be available in next nightly image.

    Just tried nightly build from 26 of December. Imon works pretty nice.

    But the system again lost an ability to reboot. When you try to restart the board, it shuts down all the lights except those on ethernet port and hangs. It's very annoying issue. If it can be fixed - I will consider it like a New Year present.

    And one more issue - I'm not sure, I have to ask here, but...

    Acestream engine plugin worked perfectly with leia based system, like nightly build from 12.10.

    On matrix based system it shows an warning like unable to set cache disk because default /storage is not on the system. Maybe someone will give an advice how to fix it?

    Can't force IMON VFD to work on OrangePi PC. LCDd + LCDProc-XBMC plugins start but VFD keeps dark. When trying to start LCDd manually with



    LCDd -f -c /storage/.kodi/addons/service.lcdd/config/LCDd.conf -d imon

    I keep getting

    imon: ERROR opening /dev/lcd0 (No such file or directory)

    imon: Did you load the iMON VFD kernel module?

    Any suggestions?