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    Have an Intel NUC with the exact same problem. Already had trouble before when using the suspend option instead of shutdown but now nothing works. I have a Samsung TV, what TV do you have?

    Thank you for your remark. I am not one.

    I have not up to date Philips TV. But it works fine with other HDMI-CEC sources without any problem.

    Something changed in libCEC within 2 fresh releases.

    I suspect that this thread Wake from suspend (CEC) has connection with our problem.

    I have an Intel NUC with internal Pulse-Eight HDMI-CEC adapter installed.

    No any problems with LibreELEC version 7.x. All works fine. I've set in "power saving" menu for 90 minutes of idle time and "suspend".

    After 90 minutes of no any input from my remote, NUC goes to suspend state and TV is switching off.

    But with installed version 8.x and Milhouse 9.x alphas (clean installs) TV is not switching off anymore. I've tried various versions with no success.

    The only solution is set in "power saving" to "shutdown" instead of "suspend". In this case the TV is switching off. But I have to manually switch on NUC after that.

    What it can be? Am I stuck with version 7.x?