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    I set a user & password there...

    Ohh bummer! It turned out to be my own fault after all :blush:

    Checking the username I spotted that I had limited the ip range allowed to access tvheadend - but I have completely redesigned my network since then. It is a couple a weeks ago, so in my head I did not connect that to my problem.

    Thanks for making my recheck my settings :thumbup:

    don't know exactly, but in my TvHeadend HTSP Client (see: Setting => Add-ons => my add-ons => PVR client) the IP is set to, ports are default (9981 and 9982) and NO user and NO user passwd

    Thanks - I have exactly the same settings, and I have no problem in accessing tvheadend trough LibreELEC.

    The problem is that remote browser access is no longer working/permitted, so I cant program my recordings, change settings and so on - using tvheadends native web interface on port 9981 anymore.

    I wonder if this is a deliberate choice, due to safety considerations or something :?:


    Installed libreElec on a Raspberry 3b+ a couple of months ago, added tvheadend and set it up with hdhomerun. After very little hassle it just worked - and wife was happy. My and wife are the only ones on this network so I configured no login for everyday user - and a password for accessing admin.

    Fast forward til yesterday where I discover, that I can no longer access the tvheadend webinterface on the :9981 port. Firefox keeps giving a native browser login popup.


    It does not accept my previous password and if I escape I get the 401 Unauthorized, with Default login and New login links show behind.

    To enable access I did a workaround and edited /storage/.kodi/addons/service.tvheadend42/bin/tvheadend42.start like below:

    1. else
    2. # TVHEADEND_ARG="-B -C -u root -g video -c $ADDON_HOME $AVM_SATIP $CUSTOM_ARGS"
    3. TVHEADEND_ARG="-B --noacl -u root -g video -c $ADDON_HOME $AVM_SATIP $CUSTOM_ARGS"
    4. # TVHEADEND_ARG="-B -u root -g video -c $ADDON_HOME $AVM_SATIP $CUSTOM_ARGS"
    5. fi

    only the version without any access control at all, will allow me to access tvheadend

    Any ideas on what could be the problem?