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    erbas experiment with the images in Index of / too .. I lost track of what Oleg is doing with boot scripts in his images and it's another point of reference on any issues that you see.

    Eested LibreELEC-AMLG12.arm-9.80-nightly-20200324-aeb6e84-box.img.gz image on my gt king pro.

    Boot Ok

    Sound Ok

    Video ok but Green-Blue Colour Problem still exist.

    Network Ok

    Tested Enigma 2 plugin too and it doesn't worked.

    Followed Erbas's instructions, but new problem erupted. When I insert the microSD card, and depress the "reset" button, my box boots into TWRP. Same thing if I type "reboot update" from a terminal emulator.

    I am using Alvatech's ATV ROM, which has a builtin TWRP. Just did a clean install yesterday.

    [ROM] Beelink GT-King ALVATECH Android TV - ATV (9.0 Pie) S922X - FreakTab

    Dear clarkss12,

    I'm using beelinks official firmware, if it doesn't boot to a sd/usb image just use "switch os" reboot option under android then it works for all third party firmwares.

    I have LE booting on a Khadas VIM3L with 5.4 kernel which is the same S905X3 (SM1) chipset, but the changes needed for that aren't in LE master branch nightly builds yet and due to rework on video decode and my real-world job schedule the master branch won't be usable for a while. I'll send an email to Beelink for the Android dts file and schematics. The dts won't be usable with LE but S905X3 and S922X are pin-compatible and comparing against the GT-King/Pro dts will reveal any changes. I have the GT-King/Pro devices booting the same (not quite functional) LE image. I need to find time to finish checking the schematics before sending the device-tree file upstream to the kernel. The Beelink u-boot is a sh1t to work with though. It's simple to trip into update mode but it doesn't allow enough time to detect alternative media so 9/10 times it won't boot into LE for install. Once it does it's fine, but getting to first boot is unreliable.

    Dear chewitt,

    I'm a GT King Pro user, your work is really important for us.

    Because you are the only one who works with mainstream kernel for it.

    We will patiently wait for your support thank you very much.


    I tried 03/12/2019 on my Beelink GT-King Pro, it booted.

    Screen was Blue/Green my MX3 airmouse did not act as normal, mouse function is ok but keyboard doesnt work.

    Tried a few Hevc movies but none of them was successfully showed.

    As a start I'm happy to see LE booted with GT King Pro.