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    aelray dmesg shows that HDMI is always in disconnected state. Then it's no wonder why you don't get any picture. Just to be clear, is HDMI cable actually connected to the board and only TV is off? That case should work as I often boot it in such way. However, if you plug HDMI cable later, when board is already booted, then I imagine there would be problems, but I don't plan to work on that anytime soon.

    HDMI cable is plugged in and TV is off. It's not a major issue, I just thought that I missed something. If I can be of any assistance just tell me. Is there an instruction how to debug drivers like these?

    Well, my experience is opposite. I often leave TV (LG B8) turned off and only power on SBC (doesn't matter if A64, H3 or H6). When Kodi starts, TV turns on and image is what you would expected - Kodi GUI and resolution is 4K. I heard that some devices disable DDC when they're powered off. If that's what your TVs do, then your situation is (almost) expected. Although hearing sound would suggest otherwise. Provide Kodi debug log and dmesg output and I'll check if there is anything which would explain behaviour you observed. Even better, add "drm.debug=0x1f" to extlinux.conf and get that dmesg output.

    Sorry I couldn't edit the extlinux.conf as my system is on eMMC and I do not have a SD card ready, but I will try to get one. Attached is the dmesg log with tv off (standby) without the debugging logs

    CEC itself yes, but maybe "turn on by CEC signal" isn't? My TV has this option and it works with OPi 3.

    I have an LG TV I think it supported power on via CEC. It worked with libreelec on RPi 3, I will try that again. However, that ist not my actual problem. The problem is the following:

    The screen stays black if Libreelec (OPi H6) boots without TV turned on. So I need to manually turn on the TV before booting Libreelec, otherwise I have a black screen. The HDMI connection, however, does seem to work to some degree because even when the screen is black using the remote control I can hear the typical Kodi sounds via the TV.

    Yes, turn on HDMI-CEC support on your TV. Note that this feature can have different name, depending on TV manufacturer. Do some research.

    HDMI-CEC is activated and I can navigate in Kodi with my remote control (this using the same HDMI-CEC feature, right?). Still the screen stays black if the television is off on boot time and only turned on subsequently.

    Hi, thank you for making libreelec available on the AllWinner SoCs. Is there a way to turn on HDMI output on boot although the connected television is off? I'm using an OrangePi 3 H6 and when my television is not turned on during boot of libreelec the screen stays black although I can hear the typical Kodi sounds.

    edid-decode /sys/class/drm/card0-HDMI-A-1/edid

    gives also some reasonable output

    Gatuno I tried using your instruction for moving libreelec from sd to emmc on a Orange pi 3 h6. It didn't work. After removal of the sd card the opi 3 just boots into its chinese default system. Do you have some advice on how to move it correctly?

    Gatuno sorry i missed the bootloader thing. where do i get the u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin if i don't compile libreelec myself?