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    I just restored my SD card dump and the LibreELEC addon server (now again?) has the 9.0 addons for 905 ( addons.xml.gz ).

    However, in your most recent build (RR-20190326-8c1b004) it's version 9.1 and that is not on the server currently.

    I just wanted to say that the box has some serious real estate, hence it's nowhere sold at such low prices as $25. DVB tuner, lots of RAM, Bluetooth, etc. plays even Quake and all sorts of games. And that doesn't change as the box gets older! It even runs Openload videos 1080p inside Firefox on Android and ARMbian (but of course not LibreELEC). It would be a shame if it turns out broken, just because someone deleted the less pretty files on their server and no one bothered to mirror it.

    If I could I would use Android, just for the browser. But the internal NAND is corrupted. That is how I happened to install LibreELEC on the first place. Android on the other hand however doesn't at all work properly with retro gaming. So I feel I have gained more than I lost.

    Well the last Amlogic builds were afaik based on LE9.0 & the BSP-Kernel 3.14.29 which was basically hacky & not maintained. Until there is somehwat proper mainline support for Amlogic SoCs (see start [linux-meson]) you have to wait for updates or replace those 25$ tv boxes which were not properly supported by the manufactures.

    I technically can build AMLG12 & AMLGXL images but they have still some flaws like imperfect audio output or subpar performance.

    I don't quite understand. I have used LibreELEC-RR before with this box and the addon repository was working back then for 905. In fact, the entire box works flawlessly with your Mod.

    It's a Mecool Ki Pro and it's 100% working on the 3.14 kernel. It got DVB tuners 2GB RAM and it's still $150 on Amazon.

    Thank god I found a backup now from February, where I had TVHeadend already installed!

    I just installed the latest 905 version RR-20190326-8c1b004 and the libreelec addon repository is broken.

    It took some insane amount of fiddling for something as trivial, but it seems that the libreelec addon server was wiped of all the 905 addons ...

    ... and what do we 905 people do now??

    Without the TVHeadend Backend from the repository I can't watch TV. That's like the primary function of this tv box.

    Just now I tricked the box to use the TVHeaded Backend from the 9.0 Khadas VIM addon repository, but that's no good it doesn't even start. RPi doesn't work either .. both are missing libraries albeit it's for the exact same LibreELEC version...

    So what options does that leave? Compile the build from scratch? Trying to get luckshots with different verisons? And I would like to have other plugins from the LibreELEC repository too.

    It seems so crazy to me that there is no "sane" way to overcome this petty issue! It's just a missing download link for Christ's sake!

    Can someone shed some light on this? I am baffled.

    OK, the server is in fact working!

    It's just very oddly behaving as if defective, with huge TLS handshake delay and giving 403 forbidden once you use any sort of recent browser. But with wget, it works.

    Why are the 905 directories completely gone? Someone deleted them ... great.

    I am going to try Khadas VIM addon directory now, since my TV box is basically like the ultra deluxe premium version of Khadas VIM.


    Ok so nothing worked, see my post here: LibreELEC-RR 9.x [ Emulationstation | Retroarch | Pegasus | DolphinQT | Moonlight | Chrome | Spotify ]

    I managed to get my box working again by using a full dump of the SD card from February, which I initially thought was corrupted. In that dump I had already downloaded the TVHeadend addon from the now defunct 905 directory on the Libreelec server... and also a few other plugins like docker, I believe.

    Hopefully the Libreelec addon server will be restored soon or the old files released to be put on an archive server.

    It would also be great to have at least one mirror for the files to prevent this problem.

    OMG I just tried with my backup installation restored and addons.xml.gz is working again! I don't know if that's just random with the server bugging out, but thanks!

    My SD card broke so I made a fresh install of Libreelec. But I can't use the Libreelec repository to download Tvheaded to watch TV.

    "Could not connect to Repository." - the connection at first is super slow as if timing out

    So I thought maybe I could use a mirror or change the minor version to download the addons. But there are no mirrors and no version seems to be working.

    This is from my addon.xml : addons.xml.gz . As you can see it's not some weird version and my ISP is also not crooked.

    I tried to use all sorts of different links for different versions and boxes, and none are working.




    ad so forth

    The server seems to be faulty. It takes 30 seconds to respond at all and always gives "403 Forbidden" to any request without any directory listing.

    Is it working for you? What alternate links could I use to download tvheaded?