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    Dear friends,
    I have a box named KII Pro, Amlogic s905 based.
    I apologize for my naivety, is the first time in this world...
    Anyway, the box come with an Android ROM with Kodi preinstalled, but (as i read in many forums) kodi have some problem with DTS audios in passtrough on S905.
    So, I discovered LibreElec. Thanks to all for this work (expecially to kszaq..).
    I tried to install LibreElec on my KII Pro. No problem with installation, very easy. With LibreElec, DTS audio is perfect, and also TruieHD and DTS Master audio are working (tested on onkyo pre amplifier). But I have 2 main issue: the biggest is that wifi don't work. Wired network work ok (tested in my office) and I can set and update the system, but wifi, despite i enable it, don't show any connection. Maybe, the KII have a different wifi chip, or driver? There are something to do? If useful, I have the original ROM for this BOX, but I don't know how sse what wifi driver is needed. There ia a way to have a log file? I guess that if wifi don't work some service don't start, right?
    Beside, the box have a (very well working) DVB-t e DVB-S built in. I read that actually are unsupported, but if I can do something for help the develop, please let me know, I will very happy to do this.
    [EDIT] I forgot, there is a minor issue when I reboot the system by remote. It shutdown but don't change the colour of LED light, and for restart i must disconnect the power.

    I have a TVbox based on s905, named "KII PRO".
    I have some issue with the preinstalled android and Kodi (drop every 3/4 sec. on DTS audio) so I'm tring to work with LibreElec.
    I installed the last version, but I have two big problem.
    1) wifi is activable, but I don't have any connection. I can't set language or connect on the web.
    2) audio passtrough don't work, and I have always internal sw decoded audio (so, my problem with android is not solved).

    The device work well with DTS passtrought but with MXPlayer, so I think thet there is not a hardware problem, may be divers?
    Someone can help me?