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    This means that it don't work with dbv-t?
    Anyway, the driver work with other backend, so I think that IS POSSIBLE fix it in tvheadend.

    William Fanelli

    Uploaded TvHeadend, no change. All scan in DVB-T is fail. I tried also change stand period at 5000 and also at 8000.
    If someone have dvb-t working, please post his configuration.
    If there is someone in ITALY, we can exchange configuration. Someone wrote times ago that if we have a working system we can copy config folders, and it work (but I'm not so sure...)
    anyway, I'n not married ThHeadend. PVR is working well, the only problem is the LCN, so if someone know some workaround please post it.

    I tried 4.2 last night and didnt see anything obviously wrong with it, worked fine on my M8 mini II

    With DVB_T or DVB-S? Anyway, problems is with KI and KII box. TVHeadend with this box, in Italy, fail the scan in DVB-T (but seems work in DVB-S).
    If someone have suggestion in order to solve this problemas I will be happy to enable TVHeadend again but I must scan channels, or it is unuseful.

    Dvb-t works for me only in Android or libreelec with vdr addon (into kodi). No with tvheadend

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    tvheadend is a buggy software, and it don't work with internal tuner DVB-T. But with VDR ALl is working, only problem is that you haven't the LCN

    Now the EPG is working (I don't know what I done but work...).
    The last problem is order of channel. The order isn't not the LCN, and I can't assign a number manually t a channel.
    Somone know how modify the order?

    For those with tuning problem, try using VDR instead tvheadend, I also had problems with tvheadend, finding muxes, channels in dvb-t, switching diseqc in dvb-s...etc, under VDR everything works just fine, I have one mixed list in pvr now, all channels from dvbt and dvbs, and I can switch between them without any problem.

    KI plus Libreelec

    I will try with VDR...
    Ok, I installed VDR. It work, scan is ok, all channel is ok.
    But I have a couple of issue:
    1) EPG don't work, I have no info.
    2) Channel order is not correct.

    With tvhedend this thing was working, so....

    Someone can help me?

    I use 60p normally. I have a roof antenna with his amplifier. It don't need power from receiver, anyway from Android I don't have power out.
    My projector support 24 and 23.976, anyway with others build it work, so, why you ask me this?

    William Fanelli

    May be is the region? Another user have the same my problem with kIplus here in Italy.
    About 24p output, Kodi is set correctly. Now I updated to another build and 24p work ok without any change (updated don't lose settings).
    I noticed that when movie start, the system TRY to change frequency, but after a while it return to 60p. I have a Videoprojector and not a TV set.
    With tuner, if I start one of channel working, the frequency CHANGE at 50p. It's only the 24 P that don't work.
    I don't understand too...

    I just wrote many times that the same tuner is perfect ON ORIGINAL ANDROID ROM. If I start the box fron NAND with original firmware, the tuner is OK and I see all channel in my area.
    Beside, when the tuner scan in tvheadend I can see strong signal for many mux, despite this the scan fail.
    Is not a signal problem, is a driver problem, or build problem. Or a tvheadend problem, I don't know...
    The other problem is that when I play movie recorded at 24 fps the dislay frequency don't change, and stay at 60 fps. No good for me.

    I enabled only the dvb-t tuner (i don't use dvb-s).
    For setup, I tried many networks: ITALY (my country), generic - auto-Default, Germany... No way, scan don't work and fail always on every mux.
    For some reason that I don't understand, after a while In had 138 Service found (but not from scan!!!) and 94 channels, only a few working.

    Hello quashaf, did you tried the DVB-T also? Do you know if dvb-t scan correctly? Tks

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    Hi Alessio, I lost two night around DVB-T on my KII PRO combo.
    It is unuseful. The driver work in some way, but scan don't work. With system connected, After some hour I have info and service from some MUX, and mapping service I have also channel. But many MUX don't work also after 2-3 days, and many channel give "no signal" (but epg work for example).
    ANd some channels don't work well, for example mediaset HD channels work well under Android but in LibreElec are very pixelate.
    Beside, this build don't work well playing 24 fps movie, I found that it don't switch to 24 fps out and stay to 60 fps, may be performing a 3:2 pulldown.
    All people in this 3D seems to be oriented more to DVB-S, and DVB-S seems wok, so, I guess that we must wait some time in order to have a working system.
    Actually, I have the original rom on NAND (android) and I reboot from NAND when I want use DVB-T tuner. waiting for a working build, I will return to kszaq build, very stable and working in all things but not tuners.

    Another problem: when I play 24 fps movie the display don't switch to 24, but stay at 60fps. As dvbt don't work well (I have only a few channel working) I will return to kszaq build, more stable.

    William Fanelli

    DVB-T is not working... After a night in front to my PC, I have 90 channel (the 20% of all channel I have on android) but only 4 or 5 is working.
    Beside, some channel working is not working well, a lot of pixelization. Same channer is perfect used in Android.
    I hope in a better working build, or maybe for another driver.