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    I just upgraded my libreelec to version 9.1002 on a ZOTAC system (clean installation).

    Now, I am having the same issue as:

    I’m also having this same problem with both my “Menu” and “Guide” buttons on my Harmony 655 after upgrading to Kodi 18. I used the Keymap Editor app to reprogram my “Guide” button to Kodi’s “Context Menu”, but can’t find where the Kodi “Home” button is. Any ideas?

    I was able to get the "Context menu" button back using the Keymap Editor, but my "Home" button, which is the round Windows button on my remote, does not function at all anymore.

    I tried to replace the Lircmap.xml and remote.xml files (from an older version) in the /usr/share/kodi system folder, which is obviously impossible due to write access rights.

    Any help or hint would be appreciated.