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    Hello Da Flex,

    in total I have 3 Samsung TV's with 3 total identical RPI3. The behavior is different.

    Wih LE 9.6 or 9.8, all work in any combination.

    With LE 11.0.1 or 11.0.3,

    The oldest TV, a UE40F6500 (model from 2013)worked ok, the CEC initializes in about 4 seconds.

    The newest TV, a UE50MU6179 (from 2018) initializes in 2 seconds.

    Another TV, a UE40H6470 from 2014 initializes sometimes in 50 seconds, sometimes in 80 seconds. But then, all works ok.

    Unfortunately, this one is used by my wife, and she is not very patient.

    All TV's had the newest Software from Samsung.

    So for me, the CEC implementation in LE looks different for different levels of the TV.

    I don't use many Kodi functions. I only display file lists from my windows folder(about 12.000 videos), select one and let it play.

    During the tests I have not found advantages with LE11 over LE9.

    So it is best (for me) to freeze the installation and try again later (maybe LE 12 or so) or wait until I have replaced the failing TV.

    I checked it. My Samsung TV has 4 HDMI Inputs.

    On any of the 4 Inputs CEC initialization takes about 1 minute to complete.

    Then I tried the same with 2 brand new HDMI cables. It takes also about 1 minute.

    I made a new installation with LibreELEC 9.2.8 Kodi 18.9.0 Leia 2021-07-06

    With this SD the CEC initialization is complete in less than 5 seconds on any of the 4 HDMI ports.

    For I can't search the problem in the sources and build my own implementation, I will go back to 9.2.8 and make no more tries with 11.

    I have Kodi 11.0.3 installed. All video files are on a windows server and accessed via SMB. On this Server, there are some thousend videos organized in about 25 folders.

    in Kodi, I have defined in "sources.xml" some entries for one single folder each. Access to such a folder works fine.

    But, I have also defined one multipath entry, which defines all of the 25 folders together. When I select this entry(which has about 5000 video files, it takes about 1 minute to display the list. (This was also so in Kodi V9,ok) However, when I play a video, and stop it, the multipath file will be opened again and it need again 1 minute, until the file list will be displayed.

    In Version 9, the multipath open after stopping a Video was not so.

    How can I suppress the second opening of the multipath and display the old selection list

    I have migrated Kodi on RPI3 from Version 9 to 11.0.3. Nearly all works fine. Only the HDMI CEC initialization (to Samsung Smart TV) needs much longer time than before.

    On Version 9, it needs about 5 seconds. Now, it takes about 60 seconds, until the initialzation is complete and Kodi can be operated from the Samsung Remote Control .

    I have tested the HDMI Connection to all 4 TV inputs and also going back to Version 11.0.1, but the problem is always the same.