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    Much appreciate your work.

    Does this mean we can try the AllWinner 6 images?

    Small niggling thing, the Tanix seems unable to read hfs hdd's. I still can't access the eMMC.

    Very pleasant.

    Still slow on initial setup but Kodi gui snappy enough. Sound pass though working but TX6 not recognized at all by either Onkyo, Denon or DECware AVR. Plays beautifuly beautifully Samsung TV though and ARC passthrough is more than ok.

    I had the TX6 in the dustbin of past mistakes, it's great picture the only redeeming factor. Your work is bringing it too life and at this rate it might become my main TV device.


    Ok, so I have working ethernet on Tanix TX6 and as expected, reboot issue is also gone. No test image ATM, because HW video decoding is broken for some reason. Anyway, I'll prepare working test image soon.

    Great news!

    warchild Can you tell which resolution is used in both cases?

    The panel that worked is 1080p, with some tinkering it was able to get the GUI on a 4k panel but with mainly freezes and little progress. It did nothing going through my Onkyo AVR.

    I'm going to try the 0706 build later later and will report back.


    This build is much slower but it did boot, and gave some visual clue as what was going on with the card prep (resizing partitions etc)

    On the 1080p Vizio got picture but no sound. GUI was snappy but loading files very sluggish.

    On 4k Samsung got sound, even GUI sound. GUI stayed snappy but now got no picture and decent 2.0 PCM (converted) sound. (Files were mp4 720p, mkv 1080p and an old SD avi. Took forever to load from USB stick or from card.

    Still excited at this end!

    warchild I flashed above image again and it works for me. Can you try with another TV or monitor first? Then try another HDMI cable. If it still doesn't work, it would be great if you can provide log from serial port.

    I wouldn't recommend overwriting Android just yet. There is pretty high chance it won't work either.

    I'm off for the weekend but I'll give it another try. I did try different cables but did not switch monitors. I'll try that before I go. Deeper after I get back Sunday.

    Had to try before I left. Works on the cheap and cheerful panel! Booted up, no ethernet, no wireless but played a video! Sound might be an issue, hard to say as only had one sample to mess with while I was being yelled at to hurry up . . . Looks very good so far. Makes the box look worthwhile!

    Odd; I can't get this item to boot. I have the Tanix TX6 with 4gb and 64gb eMMC. The odd thing is that in one of the android apps the cpu is identified as Amlogic, not Allwinner. I was told that didn't mean anything, But . . .

    I also prepared the SD card on my Mac using the LibreELEC card writer on a 32g card. Help?!?