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    Too bad you use a RPi4 ;)

    I don't have "yadif".

    Deinterlace method: VAAPI BOB, VAAPI Motion adaptive or Off.

    Video sclaing: Lanczos3 Optimised, Spline36 optimised, Lanczos 2, Bicubic, Bilinear, nearest neighbour or Auto

    No suggestions looking at the options?

    Is there also an indication on audio delay through HDMI? The mouths and audio are not an 100% in sync. So by how much should i adjust the audio? I get it depends on the tv / setup. But there probably is a general indication on audio delay when using HDMI, right? I think it is somewhere between 0,1 and 0,250 sec. Maybe i am a bit of a perfectionist, but i just like to have (technical) things as good as possible :) 99,5% is just not doing it for me :p

    Okee will do all that, thanks!

    And with regards to Deinterlace method, video scaling method?

    I mean "VAAPI Bob" sounds pretty cool, but no idea if it is the right choice ;)

    So if i whitelist a resolution the TV handles upscaling and NOT whitelisted than Kodi will do it?

    I would have thought this would be the other way around. Good to know!

    So if 3840x2160p at 60 works, no need to buy a better cable? i was planning on buying an AudioQuest Pearl HDMI cable.

    Do you have any suggestions with regards to Deinterlace method, video scaling method and adjust refresh rate? I would think that the settings needs some tweaking looking at the tv you use. right?

    when i use 4096x2160p at 60 the screen turns Black a lot more. So the problem becomes worse. When i pick 3840x2160p at 60, i haven't seen a black screen so far.

    A i totally forgot about the cable, so probably the cable (which is old) isn't good enough and could be the problem.

    Should i be able to use 4096x2160p?

    I get what you are saving about "why 100?" of course.

    You may want to keep the GUI at the same level as the maximum video rate, which is basically 60Hz. I don't know of any videos doing 100Hz/fps.

    The Linux system underneath may think it's cute, but Kodi wasn't designed for 100Hz video output.

    Hence my suggestion to test and limit the video output to 60Hz.

    I will test that, a little other weird thing is when i go to System (Settings) it always asks "do you want to keep the settings?" . Is that normal?

    I am also a bit curious what the best settings for a Oled 4K TV are with regards to Deinterlacing / Scaling / Change Refresh etc. Do you have any tips with regards to best practice settings? My Kodi system has more than enough power, so i would like to use Kodi in the most optimal way :)

    Two things..

    - What device are you using to run LibreELEC on?

    - Why use 100Hz when a typical HTPC runs at 60Hz, and does the problem go away at 60Hz?

    On a 3200G / 8GB / 120GB SSD / MSI B450 Mortar MAX.

    And why 100Hz well, not really a reason other than the fact that the system picked this one by itself. So i thought why not?

    My previous system also had this issue, it is a bit weird so i will do my best to explain.

    It happens when i turn kodi menu resolution at 4k (4096x2160p) at 100 refresh rate. Which was also the resolution the system picked after installing. As far as i knop this resolution is only for the Kodi menu right?

    The weird thing is when i leave the Kodi menu on for a while, the screen turns black now and then for about two seconds. Also i see a bit of a horizontal green line. Most of the time when i start a video this stops (also 4k). Something is happens a lot and sometimes only one time, it seems really random. I haved check the cpu/gpu temp, that is not the problem.

    When i dial the resolution back 1920x1080p at 100 refresh rate. This problem goes away. My tv is a LG Oled E9.

    Any ideas why this happens?

    I only know of the "Auto download first subtitle" option.

    Bringing up the subtitle download window automatically is not default Kodi behavior.

    Perhaps you were using an add-on for that? Or is it Addic7ed-specific functionality?

    Mmmmm that is strange. I have had that from the start (i added subtitles immediately). No Addic7ed is just one of the website where Kodi pulls subtitles from (as far as i know).

    So it is normal behavior to start a video, pause, go the subtitles, search, download and continue the video? I like my way better ;)

    "Auto download first subtitle" is something i tested in the past but it often downloaded the wrong one, so i still had to do it by hand than. So i don't use that option anymore.

    I was using 9.0.2 but i upgraded my systeem and because of problems i reinstalled Kodi (9.2.2).

    I installed the add-on Subtitles (Addic7ed). Previously on my old installation before every video the systeem pauzed on the "search for subtitles" screen. Nou with the new installation the video just starts and i have to go to the "subtitles search" screen by hand.

    Any ideas on how to get the subtitles search screen back automatically?

    So i switch to an AMD 3200g systeem. I was hoping i could just plugin the ssd with libreelec on it.

    But "Failed to start Xorg Server" is what i am getting. Plus "is your gpu supported"

    Is it not possible to run LibreElec on a new AMD 3200g with Vega 8 gpu systeem?

    Welcome to the world of Linux, where Nvidia graphics do not support 10bit video in a VDPAU driver setup, only 8-bit. Check the video processing when pressing 'o' on your keyboard, it will probably mention it uses SW (=software) decoding, and thus letting your CPU do all the hard work.

    The video card itself is fine, but not fully utilized as it could/should be. Nvidia now utilizes a new driver method NVDEC/NVENC in Linux, but so far no Kodi developer has felt the urge to dive into yet another deep hole for coming up with a solution. Nvidia keeping things closed sourced is the main problem. For Kodi usage, Intel and AMD have brighter futures in Linux, next to the usual Raspberry, Rockwell and Android boxes.

    That will require a Windows operating system. Just because of all Nvidia's shenanigans in Linux mentioned above, Nvidia support is planned to be dropped by Kodi (and thus LibreELEC) after Kodi 19.

    That makes sense, thanks for the explanation. Is there a silent AMD equivalent to the GT1030? Maybe a RX550? Or am i better of buying a new mainboard with an 3400G AMD cpu?

    And i have got an Intel 6500 somewhere. Would that be an upgrade enough to run this kind of 4k files?

    I am using a 6300t - 8GB - GT1030 - SSD with LibreElec 9.0.2 on it. The computer is connected to an E9 Oled from LG

    When i play a 4K HEVC file (BluRay 2160p UHD HDR DTS-HD AC3 NLsubs REMUX) the movie doesnt run smooth. But as far as i know my system should be more than enough to play files like this right?

    I turn log on, it shows a FPS of 24,4, sometimes a drops a bit.

    The 4 CPU Threads are a bit busy, 85% +. Which is a bit weird because hardware encoding is turned on.

    So i have two questions, how can i lower cpu usage and how can i play my 4k files smooth?

    well i tried to assign power off to a button. But then it looks like the machine just does a hard power off. When i turn the machine back on, by hand because the power ON assigned button is not working :( the sound is not working anymore and i have to reselected the HDMI sound port.

    So yes power off is sort of working but the problem is the power on...

    You meant by the Add-on Keymap Editor right?