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    I agree about the display being useless and am completely ok with disabling it but do still want the remote function. Which wires did you remove? I unplugged the power to the display but as you said it takes away the ir capability.

    I have been messing around with this for awhile now and am looking for guidance. I have an old Antec Fusion case with an iMON LCD display. I don't really care if it displays information or not but the biggest deal breaker is the backlight on it not turning off when the I power off Kodi or suspend it. What I have done so far is install both LCDproc addons and configured it to use the imonlcd driver. I also modified the LCDd.conf file to set OnExit = 2 to supposedly turn off the backlight when it is shut down. I previously used OpenELEC and this worked fine there. Everything is showing up on the display according to the LCD.xml file the only issue is turning off the backlight.

    Any help would be appreciated.