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    Same problem here. Device is Tanix TX3 Mini - H. Libreelec boots nicely from sd card with gxl_p281_2g or gxl_p212_2g but installtointernal doesnt work.

    1. One of BOOT, SYTEM, DATA or DTB partitions is missing.
    2. Make sure that you are using a correct device tree and a device with internal memory!
    3. Not all devices are compatible with installtointernal due to unsupported NAND/eMMC
    4. chips being used by some manufacturers.

    Seems like Libreelec doesnt see eMMc on these boxes cause reboot to internal doesn't work either. From what I've read online these boxes (L and H) have different motherboard (v1.3 printed on them, old ones are v1.1). I couldn't install any custom s905w ROM, only the original one from Tanix web site. Does this mean that this boxes need different dtb.img file? If so, how can i get one?

    Thanks for the reply! I hooked it up with LAN cable and performance is much, much better (full speed, low ping)! One more question... My LibreElec is burned on sd card. As long as sd card is inserted into the box I cant boot back to Android. There is a "reboot to internal" option in Kodi shut down menu but it reboots back into LibreElec. Only way to boot Android is to turn off device and eject sd card. Is there something I can do about that? It's super inconvinient to use it this way.


    I have a WiFi problem with LibreElec. I get low speed and high ping and I dont know why. My device is Tanix TX3 Mini - H, 2GB RAM 16GB mem with SSV6051 WiFi chip inside. Dtb is glx_p281_2g and it boots nice and fast. Signal strength is 75%, it connects to WiFi with no problem but I cant get more than 9Mb/s. I have 20Mb/s ADSL. Android on this same device goes up to 18Mb/s, this version of LibreElec goes to 9Mb/s, LibreElec 8.2 goes up to 12Mb/s and CoreElec 9.0.1 goes only to 4Mb/s. With higher speed ping gets smaller. Can't figure out the problem, it's strange how different versions behave differently with wifi. Is there something I can do to fix this behavior cause I would really like to use LibreElec on my box, Kodi works so much better than on Android...