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    Hi. I'm using this build: LibreELEC-H3.arm-9.80-devel-20200314102408-6c08564-orangepi-pc.img.gz, OrangePi PC, TBS 5520se, but don't recognize (tv headend/adapters don't show/empty). Where I find tbs drivers?

    lsusb show TBS...

    service or program addons don't show drivers to choose (tbs, crazycat, etc)..

    I have this same problem using my TBS5520se (LibreElec/CoreElec) and a lot of devices: Mecool k1 plus/K2 pro/k3 pro/GT-media GTC and Raspberry pi 3). I did a lot of logs using UART port plugged device and unplugged (Mecool). When plugged, stuck logo... sometimes appear fronted, but always I see device plugged after system restart (lsusb, dmesg, but never dmesg | grep fronted). Now, my Ubuntu 18.04 don't recognize the fronted, I did this steps again, but no luck with tvheadend (empty tv adapters/fronted): TBSDTV Community Forum • View topic - Ubuntu 18.04 TBS 6285 driver install fails at 'make'

    No problem using TBS 5925 and Mecool/GT-Media or raspberry. Ubuntu I have problems too with list fronted/tv adapters.

    Please help us crazycat afl1

    Maybe a complete UART log for try to solve this problems... To help, I have UART log for Mecool K1 Plus (tv box/no tuner), K2 pro (s905) and K3 pro (s912)

    Any new about internal tunners working? I did tests, but not recognize.

    I have remote control working (black and orange)

    Put file "gtc" attach too: /storage/.kodi/userdata/keymaps and /storage/.config/rc_keymaps

    and this 2 files to /storage/.config

    Please uncompress first, because here don't accept this kind of extension.

    I don't understand, but this steps: gtc (file) and remote.conf (file), I have my remote control working...


    Hi friend.. how about try do help us to extract u-boot or tell a way to make/use kernel 5 for Mecool k3 pro? I have log using uart (attach)

    Thank you.