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    I have a Minix X8H and followed instructions on the first post of the thread to install libreelec. I used the 18.6 image in the downloads section. However during the startup, the minix freezes in the screen which show minix logo. Waited close to 15 minutes and nothing changes. Is this image stable? And are the instructions given in the first page still up to date?

    @chewitt it shows ff-h264(SW)

    So I guess it software decoding. Please not also that this stream resolution is only 656 X 470 Px but the playback is still not smooth. Even CPU is enough to decode this.

    Current CPU usage is at 18%.

    memory use - 13%.

    Is there a way for me test video playback out side of kodi? I understand that apt-get is disabled? Which player is used by Kodi?

    @Klojum Are you saying that this machine does not have a hardware decoder to decode these streams? Mate, I my self is an engineer and I have built hardware decoders on FPGA's even. The problem seem to me that the linux during that time did not support its hardware decoder as no one was interested in writing a driver for that. Admit that its a problem with Linux rather than the machine. This machine can well decode an HD streams. Also I have 4 RPI's driving my other TV;s in other rooms but wanted to try this out for this new TV BECAUSE due to COVID-19 all the orders I have placed are stuck and no point in trying to order a new RPI now. And I have no reason to buy used RPI's I have enough money to buy them if I want. Pathetic attitude you have there.

    @chewitt Thank you for the pointer, exactly what I wanted to know. I will check it out.

    Installed 9.2.2 on an old inspiron laptop. Its graphics chipset is GM965/GL960 and loaded kernal driver seems to be i915.

    When playing movies the FPS is very low and CPU usage goes to 20-50% some times. But this happens only for some.

    Render options in the player settings is set to auto select and grayed out. I was wondering if this could be an issue where software is used for decoding?

    Full debug log here:

    I re-created the log after playing a video also. since log is too long I get an error when pasting to pastebin. Please see below for a zipped log.

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    Any pointers please?

    thank you for the info. I tried BIOS setting but it does not allow me to disable the laptop monitor. I also tried your suggestion but it did nt work either unfortunately. But the good news is after I upgrade to the latest LibreElec it started to work! I should have done that as the first step..

    PS:I use RPI's for Kodi, but wanted one of the RPI's for some of my hardware experiments so wanted to use this laptop instead for the that TV. But thank you for the info again. Cheers.

    I am trying to use an old Dell inspiron 1525 to run libreelec. Its display is broken and not available. I have connected HDMI port of the machine to my 4K TV through a 4K AV receiver. Although things work well, the resolution is stuck at 2048x1536. Only other resolution that is available is very low.

    With 2048x1536, part of the display is not shown. I disabled overscan in TV and also tried video calibration, but I cannot get the lower edge of the picture to align to screen edge - For me it looks like this is because the resolution is not 16:9.

    xrandr outout:

    I tried this command but screen goes blank:

    xrandr --output LVDS1 --off && xrandr --output HDMI1 --mode 1920x1080 --rate 60.00

    Any idea?

    I have libreelec 8.2.5 installed on an intel 64 bit machine and unable to get sound through hdmi. I have the GeForce GTS 250 pci express card installed. I have also disabled the on-board intel sound card. aplay -l says there are no sound cards detected.

    Any help is much appreciated.