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    I managed to download the media-build source code off bitbucket and compile it against the most recent Ubuntu 16.04 kernel (4.15.0-45). My DVB-S2 device is now working correctly on an Intel Atom Media PC, which is great. Thanks very much to crazycat ,@CvH and anyone else who helped get the device working.

    Just for the sake of completeness, I double checked the LibreELEC build I reported on in my last post. The build seems to match the one uploaded to Index of /test/ds3103b/. The kernel log also confirmed modules were being added from the 'kernel-overlays/driver.dvb.crazycat' folder. As before, I couldn't get the device to load.

    After reading your rather promising post, I tried it myself to get my S4600 from 2014 running again. It used to work, until last week before a kernel update.

    So I set out and compiled the media-build source into my Ubuntu 16.04 kernel 4.15.0-45 but with no success.

    Interesting part is, Chip ID is declared unknown. Before I applied the patches from crazycat, the Chip ID was 23, but it still would not work.

    I'm about to try to revert back to a really old kernel, just to see if I can get this dang Technotrend USB box going again.

    Original without patch:

    1. [ 5.015268] m88ds3103 0-0068: Unknown device. Chip_id=23
    2. [ 5.015288] dvb-usb: no frontend was attached by 'TechnoTrend TT-connect S2-4600'

    With crazycat patch: (but still not working)