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    Intel have fixed the Gemini Lake framebuffer compression bug in kernel 5.1.9 - it's now turned off by default.


    Well good news...but they didn't fix it actually they just used the same workaround we used not to have the glitch: disable fbc...

    Only thing is fbc was here to do some hardware compression to save some bandwith and should then increase the performances...

    The real fix would be to solve the glitch issue without disabeling fbc...but I guess we can't expect intel to put to much effort in drivers corrections...

    Alucard I just wondered if you also get this notification if you start a PS2 game via emulationstation or any other frontend?

    "CDVD plugin failed to open. Your computer may have insufficient resources, or incompatible hardware/drivers. Press OK to go to the Plugin Configuration Panel."

    If not, which plugings did you select in pcsx2 settings? Since you have the same NUC as me this should also work for me then

    No idea I never tried...

    But for me trying PS2 emulation on J5005 is a waste of time...even on windows...gemini lake won't be capable of playing PS2 games correctly.

    For me best we can emulate with that CPU is PSP and Dolphin for some games: no way we can emulate the most difficult games like rogue squadron...but a good old mario kart double dash shoudl be ok.

    CPU is more or less equivalent to a non overclocked Core 2 quad Q6600 and GPU more or less equivalent to a good old 8600 GTS but with bad intel drivers...hence a gamer configuration of 2008 with shitty drivers...


    I just had a look at /flash/EFI/BOOT/ on my NUC...

    Before updating any file I just did a ls on the folder and I don't have any of the files you listed above. I have the follwing files:

    bootia32.efi  bootx64.efi   grub.cfg      ldlinux.e64

    I tried modifying the grub.cfg:

    set timeout="0"
    set default="LibreELEC"
    menuentry "LibreELEC" {
            search --set -f /KERNEL
            linux /KERNEL boot=UUID=5C5B-4325 disk=UUID=4053b926-d454-4517-8538-2183f4cd5058 i915.enable_fbc=0 quiet

    But then when I rebooted I didn't have the "i915.enable_fbc=0" option when I checked with

    cat /proc/cmdline

    I also checked with other method and unfortunatly the result is still the same:

    FBC enabled
    Compressing: yes

    Edit: My bad...I only looked into /flash/EFI/BOOT/ and not into /flash/...

    I found the syslinux.cfg now and I modified the file...

    I let my wife watching her show then I will restart and I will keep you guys updated. :)

    Hello again,

    So I investigated a little bit more regarding this issue in thread I linked before:

    108085 – Intel GeminiLake corruption at top of screen caused by fbc

    People helped my check that the drivers options I added by creating the i915.conf config file in:


    with value "options i915 enable_fbc=0" inside were taken into account at startup of my NUC as the issue is still there...

    I ran the following command lines (see thread in link above):

    mount | grep debugfs
    cat /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/i915_fbc_status

    And the result is:

    FBC enabled
    Compressing: yes

    This means that despite adding the option file: the option is not taken into account at init.

    So I guess we are close to a solution now...the question can I force the init to take into account the drivers options for Intel drivers?

    Can somebody help me with that?

    I found some tutorials on the internet...but it's for ubuntu...not libreelec:

    16.04 - Setting kernel options for the i915 - Ask Ubuntu

    I'm not sure how to do it with libreelec...

    I just noticed that when I created that logfile the path to dolphin.start in my rcb config file was incorrect. Here is another logfile that hopefully shows my issue.

    Alucard since you are using the same NUC and the same build like me I wondered if you also experienced that sometimes the NUC stucks in bootscreen?

    So far no I never had this issue.

    I have the infamous J5005 colored glitch in kodi interface...but that's pretty much it.

    The issue is still there: there is a "colored line" glitch on top of the screen that appears from time to time (not a big deal but annoying). Still no fix for now unfortunatly...

    Regarding mame I didn't test. I only tested the following plateforms:


    -PC engine




    Only emulator that I found was too much for little J5005 was the BSNES accuracy in some games (seiken desentsu 3), bsnes balanced works perfectly on the other hand.

    Regular LibreELEC 9.x comes with Retroplayer not Retroarch. Or did you use any stuff like Gamestarter

    My bad, I meant retroplayer.

    In any case my point was just to say that the gemini lake CPUs are actually not that bad if you want good emulation untill dreamcast (that a raspberry pi 3 or a weaker CPU won't provide...).

    For a little bit more high end emulation results (but on carefull with intel drivers perfs on linux compared to windows...) see below video:

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    On what internal resolution do you play?

    x1 on beetle psx software. I think I tried to go higher at some point without much slowdown but from what I remember it activated the GPU and I had graphical gitches in some games (CTR in particular) x1 software all the way for me: good accuracy, good performances ==> PSX as in the 90s.

    Note that I'm not talking about RR version but regular libreelec 18 with retroarch and beetle psx installed...but beetle psx is the same piece of software in the end...

    Regarding the J5005 I have one and I can confirm it allows you to run Beetle-PSX perfectly fine (tested with multiple games: Broken Sword 2, FF9, Symphony of the Night, Crash Team Racing, Suikoden...) and is light miles ahead of PCSX-ReARMed in terms of accuracy.

    For PCSX2 on the other hand there's no way you can handle that with a J5005.

    I will test with other emulators at some point (like the CPU hungry beetle Saturn) and keep you updated.

    But if you want to play all games till Dreamcast/PSX/N64 and some additional Game Cube (not all but most of the games) a J5005 is a pretty good price/performance deal.


    I actually updated to the 9.0.1 MR yesterday evening and I didn't noticed the glitch.

    I watched a 2 hours movie and just navigated a little bit inside Kodi interface for 5 I will test again when I will be back home and confirm that it solved the problem this evening...but maybe kernel 4.19.23 solves the issue.

    I will keep you udpated.


    I once asked in the intel forum for the error. The following was written there.


    Ok so if I understood correctly it is a driver issue. Only solution seems to add specific kernel parameter and modify a config file.

    The issue is with libreelec we can't modify the kernel parameters at bootup without recompiling the I right?

    I'm not that a expert, I only have a little bit of knowledge on linux: all my home PCs are linux PCs but I'm not a power user...

    For me only somebody that work on libreelec code can help if we want to fix the issue before intel releases a kernel patch for those GPUs...