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    Try installing 7.95.3 which doesn't require the named partition (copy .zip file to sdcard and use toothpick method), then enable ssh and use this command to label the data partition:

    tune2fs -L LIBREELEC_DISK /dev/data

    On Windows, you'll need to use PuTTY to get a command-line on the box. On Mac or Linux, it's easier. ssh [email protected] with password libreelec should work. If your local network doesn't support mDNS, you'll need to use the IP address of the box in place of libreelec.local. You can find it in the System:System Info section of Kodi.

    Once the old version is installed, updating is very easy if the box can be reached through the Windows file sharing system. Drop the .tar file of the latest version into the Update folder and restart the box. It should update on boot. Toothpick method may work, but I haven't tried it.

    Thanks, problem solved.

    For anyone who wants to play old arcade games, select a zip file with ROMs in the Kodi browser, hold 'ok' on the remote to access the file menu (or right click with a mouse, or hit the menu button on your keyboard if it has one) and select 'play'. That will bring up the emulators menu.

    Thank you for keeping this old box alive in 2019. I pulled one out of a closet and was quite pleased to see it could run emulators it had trouble with when it was running Android (Genesis/Mega Drive and Game Boy Advance games never reached full speed).

    Has anyone been able to get MAME or FB Alpha working on this box? The file browser opens up the .zip files rather than handing them off to emulators.