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    Can you check and tell me which versions of Skin Helper Service & Skin Helper Service Widget addons installed on your system.

    These two addons are what preventing custom skins on my v19 system.

    Hi there Aciel,

    Thank you for your reply. I've taken a look but apparently there's no image by balbez150 especially to the RockPro64 board.

    Anyway, I've seen a thread referring to a image developed to the NanoPC T4 board. Is this the one I'm supposed to use?

    He builds same images for all the boards. Here, get the Kernel 4 images as they are more stable.

    After you burn the image to SDCard, you'll have to edit extlinux.conf on /flash ppartition and set the dtb according to which ever board you have. After your 1st time boot to LE, from there you can start the procedure to move to eMMC from within LE Configuration.

    Omg, today I did an update on my T4 with Rock960 LE 20191031 image and it broke my system badly.

    This new image is based on Kodi 19 Alpha 1 and a lot of adons are not supported on it.

    Does anyone have older image based on last version of Kodi 18?


    Tested NanoPC-T4 dtb from image 20190925 KODI-18 and:

    Ethernet = Working

    WiFi = Working

    Bluetooth = Working

    HDMI & Sound = Working, [email protected] (my TV max)

    eMMC = Sorry, not using your image so can't test this out. JerryPenguin will comment on this.

    How's 10bit HEVC & 10bit x264 performance on your images?

    Edit 1: Day 2 of testing you dtb. Why do I think with your dtb, there is a 70% less caching issue on playback. JerryPenguin, can you test it too please

    Thanks for your information :-)

    Do Wifi and Bluetooth work under the Rock960 images?

    How do you get the image on the internal EMMC memory?

    Yes, WiFi & Bluetooth both work flawlessly, using the above dtb.

    About eMMC, there is no support for it in Official images by LE. Internal Storage is not recognisable at all.

    Images by bybalbes150 do have eMMC support and you can install to it through LE Settings Menu.

    Hello back @JerryPenguin

    Thank you for checking it on your device.

    I have 1 thing in mind which might have caused no ethernet device, which is when I do Kodi build updates from within Kodi by downloading and place the .gz file in the update folder could have altered the Recalbox's dtb. I'll replace the dtb again and give it a test.

    Otherwise the ethernet is working if I boot into Android from eMMC.

    Very long time see LE strange, when I watch TV sometimes interrupt broadcast (unstable broadcasting), resulting in the appearance of the download icon (it's normal), but then when the broadcast continues, the picture sometimes freezes, the sound continues to work fine. It only helps to stop playback and resume watching TV channel again. (a similar problem has long been observed on Android devices, on the PC this problem is not observed)

    We also have this Caching issue using ROCKPro64 build with DTB from Recalbox's ROCKPro64 on NanoPC-T4 (RK3399). This issue is very annoying for sure.

    A fix for this problem will be much appreciated from anyone.


    When you use Recalbox dtb on NanoPC-T4, is your ethernet working with the latest dtb from 3 June?

    I'm having caching issue on WiFi, so I thought I'll switch to ethernet. I plugged in my cable and disabled WiFi, but I got no Internet access and Kodi had no ethernet settings under LibreELEC Settings.

    I dropped in ssh and ran "ifconfig". There were only two interfaces wlan0 & lo, no eth0.