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    Are the dark scenes of Game of Thrones 8x3 way too dark and I couldn't see much of the fight? Lol

    Coming from a RPi3, dark scenes are darker and hard to see, though bright scenes looks better.

    Anyone else facing same thing?


    Does your Repo and Add-ons works on RK3399? I have installed the Repo 0.0.19 from zip, restarted the device, but when I try to "install from repository " it keep saying "Could not connect to repository". Where on my RPi3, it is working all fine.

    SBC = NanoPC-T4 (RK3399)

    I'm having another issue. When ever I'm streaming video files either from the Internet, YouTube or local network, when then video caches sometimes the video gets stuck and audio keeps playing.

    Well I figure out how to get it installed. It's part of the install of the Netflix. Yeay I have Netflix now working!

    For everyone else, here is my NanoPi M4...

    How did you install InputStream_Adaptive? I'm using the latest Nightly, but whenever I try to install it keeps saying Installation failed instantly. I need InputStream_Adaptive for YouTube for DASH because of a lot of video play in 360p quality and it sucks badly lol

    chewitt   Kwiboo

    Any info on this matter.

    Edit 1: After many reboots and shutdowns, I got it to install, but it's very glitchy. Many video from YT which are 4k/8k with 60fps shows black screen and audio only and then the whole Kodi will glitches out that you have to reboot (or hard reboot) to get it fixed.

    I also noticed the any changes Add-on's Settings won't work until you reboot Kodi.

    I can't comment on this as I don't have a 4k Display.

    For everyone who has this particular board NanoPC-T4, you can get a working version LibreELEC by following these steps:

    1. Grab the LibreELEC image for ROCKPro64 from Index of /
    2. Burn the image to SDCard
    3. Boot the SDCard and you will get into LibreELEC, you can shutdown the board now
    4. Grab the dtb file from Mobile File or MEGA
    5. You'll need to replace the file on the SDCard's boot partition with the one you downloaded from Step 4
    6. You're all done and now you can enjoy your fully working LibreELEC

    Note: Steps 4 & 5 are needed if you want to have a working Ethernet, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth.

    You can do this till this board gets Official Builds start rolling.

    Will the RK3399 based NanoPC-T4 get official LE support? I'm really looking into this. I don't care if it takes time to start getting builds on this, but I want to make sure that I didn't waste my money. I had two choices NanoPC-T4 or ROCKPro64 (sadly for me the latter is getting LE builds already lol).

    How did you flash these images? On SDCard or on the eMMMC?

    I know how to flash images through eFlasher from SDCard to eMMC. Is it like this or?

    Hello there,

    At the start I'll would like give my thanks to everyone here who is giving us the LibreELEC.

    I wanted to ask what is the status for the NanoPC-T4. It is almost the same as with ROCKPro64 and yet there is nothing on T4.

    Can the ROCKPro64 Build be used on NanoPC-T4?

    Really looking for support for this board and also others which are under RK3399.


    Edit 1: I have this board in hand and I can help you test LE Builds.