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    I do something similar, but just to reboot Kodi. Since I use another programs in background and If I not reboot Kodi will be slowly with the past of days. What I wished is do this, automatically, based on tv power on/off, and just Kodi, not LibreELEC.

    But I think this is impossible.

    In theory you can switch HDMI off and on by using the "tvservice" command with the appropriate options. That would save energy. I was playing around with that command a couple of month ago, but I was not successful to switch HDMI on after switching it off. Maybe it's working with the current LE version.

    Or you could buy another RPi, and run one of them headless (Raspbian) for your CRON services. Install a power button on the other one, where you run LE.

    I found this, but how I can do this automatically for when I turn tv on?

    You second idea is good, and I think (not sure) that I can turn Kodi (and LibreELEC, I think) on/off automatically by CEC options. But for the moment I will not buy another RPi,

    Thanks Iridium , I thought that will be the answer.

    Small savings *could* be made by turning HDMI off when not in use and turn off LED's. Better savings could be made by turning WIFI and BT - especially if not used.

    When you say turning HDMI off you're talking about what? And how can I turn LED's off?

    The BT is already disabled, since I don't use it. Internet is needed for this apps in background, so can't disabler WIFI.

    Hi all!

    Maybe this is a silly question, but my RPi 3b runs on 24/7 and I'm thinking if exist something I can do to save energy when I'm not watching anything.

    I have to keep it on 24/7 because I run some softwares in background that run as cron job.

    There is something that can turn Kodi on/off by TV using CEC? Because I just will need Kodi when TV will be on, but when Kodi is off this other softwares needs to keep runing.

    (I know that will depend of this softwares I use too, but consider the scenario with LIbreELEC with Kodi running and LibreELEC with Kodi not running)

    If this are not possible do you have another ideas?

    I imagine that when I'm not watching anything the LibreELEC already save energy, but I'm think if this idea will save more.

    And please tell me if it's a stupid idea ^^


    Hi, guys!

    Yesterday I was thought if is possible to put an aplication to run only using swap memory.

    I don't finded this answer, but in this search I found out about zram and zswap. For what I understand zram is a way to compressed memory ram in this way help system with less memory. They say this will use more CPU, but maybe is something that worth it. I also read about zswap but don't know for sure what it do.

    Theres a way of enabler this things in LibreELEC?

    Will make a significant difference or will be a placebo?

    What will be best: zram or zswap?

    I searching about this because I use another things in background of my machine and sometimes I get a buffering in local videos reproducing in Kodi. I already use swap and I think this is because some pieces of Kodi are using swap memory in this time. But I'm kinda noob and don't know for sure. I know this is not a LibreELEC issue or Kodi.

    My hardware is a Raspberry Pi 3b.


    I live in a hot place and sometimes I get the warm icon. The normal temperature of my RPi is 60°.

    I don't use fan, just use with sinks, because my RPi run 24/7 side my TV and fan make an irritante noise (at least what I have).

    What I learn using the Pi is that heavy things like some skins make this, so if you understand the limitations of you (and mine) device and not try heavy things you can running without problem.

    I think the problem is with filename.

    Your episode 09 has this name "The Ultimate Dilemma", but in TVDB the name is "The Troubles of the Stronges".

    I think if you rename your episode like is in TVDB will solve this.

    I personally use XEM scraper for animes, because with it I can use AniDB informations, that I think is more good for animes.

    TVDB and AniDb has different names for some episodes. Check here TVDB and AniDB.

    This started to happend after switch HDMI cable?

    I know that you said that already tried with a new HDMI cable. So the only thing I have to say is check HDMI cable version, because only from 1.0 version works with CEC.


    I have LE 9.0.2 Generic/x86_64 and Thoradia repo ver.9.0, how can install last version 9.1 to upgrade sonarr/bazarr/etc


    This is to be done automatically!

    Checking GitHub page I can see a 9.1 version for Generic/x86_64. I don't know why you don't get this update.

    I assume that automatically updates of add-on is enabled, right?!

    thoradia can you look at this?

    Meanwhile you can update Sonarr/Radarr in their own interfaces by going to System > Updates > Install latest

    I think Bazarr has a similar path to update.

    You are correct Iridium , but I assumed (and he said) that the filenames and the folders was named correct, because I had this problem before (and with RARBG files too). With Use video tags enabled Kodi use tags presents in the file instead of the filename, and this files have this tags (you can see this tags using a software like MediaInfo).

    With my issue, logs showed the name of the tag instead of the filename.

    I had one similar problem with this recently.

    My problem was that the Use video tags was enabled. With this option enabled Kodi use information that exists of the media info of the file (if it exist) and not the filename.

    I disabled, updated library and the movies was added again.

    For disabled (if yours are enabled) you need go to Settings > Media > (enable advanced mode) > Videos > Use video tags

    As far as I know RPi can't play x265, 10bits or 4k files.

    Here a guy said that it can play x265 if is 720p, but I never test.

    I have a similar issue with termometer icon when I use anothers skins than default's Kodi.

    For what I noticed this is because this other skins use more CPU, which makes RPi to heat!

    But from what I read the quality of sd card and power supply influence this too.