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    Hi ToddeSwe,

    I think you have to setup samba share at your router first.

    Or you plug in the hdd to your kodi device (if you have one like a raspberry).

    Thanks for the reply but while i was waiting i couln't leave it alone so i managed to work it out on my own.

    I connected the external hdd to my Asus media player with Le installed and used zeroconf-browser to find the LibreElec (SAMBA) connection and then everything worked fine.

    But i wonder now, how does SAMBA-share setup in the router work?


    Where or how shall i connect my external hdd to be able to scrape the contents into KODI?

    I had it connected to my ASUS RT-AC58U router but it seemed like it was scraping it but i couln't see it in the section for e.g music or tv-series.

    Any ideas on how to do this?

    The latest - the greatest! In case you're using encrypted Widevine streaming content, you have to update this month.

    With a good backup strategy it's just go, go, go. :P

    I gave it a good night of sleep and was thinking that my startup error occurred when i used the reset option in LibreElec settings to restore default settings. After this a folder was missing for nvidia. That makes me wonder if something is wrong with the latest version.... it was ok until i made a restore.

    Kodi 19 defaults to SMBv2 and higher, while your server(s) may still stick to the quite unsecure SMBv1 version.

    Double-check all setting in Kodi's network section as well in as your server setup.

    I managed to make it work after i had reinstalled everything by set it to minimum and maximum to SMB 1.

    Is there a way to rise this to 2 or even 3 somewhere?

    Nvidia cards are still supported, but yours is some 11 years old now (an eternity in PC land). You could of course also NOT upgrade.

    Better stay with 9.2.6 then.

    I had the Matrix version 19.0 installed and it worked. But i couldn't get the SMB to work so i did a reset and then i got my errors at the startup.

    There's no known problem or so with the latest LibreElec?! If not i'll give it a try.

    First install the latest LE 10 Beta (don't upgrade, as mentioned in the release notes). Maybe that already fixes your bug.

    If you still get an error with the latest Beta, write a bug report. Write a complete report, as demanded at the pinned post on top.

    Hi and thanks, i couln't wait so i made a fresh new install and have now my system up and running without any errors. :)

    BUT that is not th latest version i thin 9.2.6 is installed now, i was thinking of updating it but now i don't dare.

    I know that Kodi latest 19.1 or 19 had problems on my pc installation with exiting and freezing directly at start.

    So do i update my LibreElec or not at this moment?



    If you look at my signature you will se my device i use for my LibreElec.

    I gotten an error code yesterday when resetting my installation and i want to know what's wrong?

    Is my old device no longer supported?

    My chipset is : Intel NM10

    Processor model: Intel Atom D525

    Graphics processor: Nvidia ION 2

    Non of these is to be found among the list of forum to post in. :)

    Please help me.

    The error could be seen at the attched picture here:

    Common mistake #1 is setting the Kodi smbclient "min" to SMBv1 and "max" to SMBv3 because "that covers all options!" but this means Kodi will connect with SMBv2 which is now the smbclient default (as SMBv1 is considered insecure) which is incompatible with the router which only speaks SMBv1. The only way to force Kodi to use SMBv1 is to set both min and max to SMBv1.

    Common mistake #2 is configuring the LE samba (server) share options in the LE settings add-on, which have nothing to do with the Kodi smbclient (client) settings which are in Kodi settings > services > smb client.

    Thanks, tonight you're my hero pointing med in the right direction. :)

    SMBv2 or SMBv3 work "out of the box" and SMBv1 requires you to reconfigure the Kodi smclient to use min/max SMBv1 (and perhaps legacy security) if that's all the ancient samba version in the router will support.

    So the router have a part in this? My arkilles heel when it comes to computers is networking setup. :) Could you please be more specific?

    Where should i start? I have changed the SMB minimum and maximum to several different settings but nothing helps.


    I had to reinstall everything and i have forgotten about how to or maybe things have changed.

    I can't use SMB on my Mini PC / LibreElec no more. I've tried to use other ways to get all my stuff installed again but even when i can add a path to my external hd connected to my router it doesn't scrape it and put it in my Kodi listing of available music / movies / photos.

    What have i done wrong? I read somewhere that SMB 3 is the minimum today ....

    I've managed to forget all over again how to setup my new Kodi (libreelec) install so now i can't add my paths to my NAS or anything else in my homenetwork.

    What have i done wrong? I can add the path if i use the network option but that don't scrobble <--- unsure of this word Smile it doesn't scan or add files from those network paths i add.

    I've tried to use minimum smbv2 and max smbv3 but no go, and i'm unsure of what to put in the WINS-server or even if i should put something there...

    1) Set "Free space preceding (MiB)" to 782 on sda2.

    2) Resize sda1 (+782).

    3) Press the green hook button to execute both changes.

    PS: Bonus: Set "Free space following (MiB)" to 0 on sda2. So you will not waste any disk space.

    That worked, but the last PS did give me a sign saying (picture 1) and the picture 2 is showing how it is now.

    What to do to remove unallocated space?



    When i enetered 780 at free space following it worked.