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    No video after the splash screen/bootloop with RPi3B and LibreELEC 9.1.501 when using composite output instead of HDMI

    Since this issue (which was introduced with LibreELEC 9.1.002) isn't still resolved and was mentioned by HiassofT last month and the month before here and here , too, could someone please give an ETA for a patch?

    For further investigation, please look into my bug report here

    Thank you in advance!

    BTW: It's a bit annoying that this beta version with such an issue is offered and installed automatically when the options are checked in the LibreELEC configuration section, and after the reboot, users going this way will see nothing else than a black screen...


    LibreELEC 9.1.002 introduced a bug (all previous versions inclusive 9.1.001 are workfing fine) with RPi3B: it causes a bootloop right after the splash screen ("LibreELEC Just enough OS for KODI") has shown up when using composite output instead of HDMI!

    As long as HDMI is connected, "KODI" is starting without any problems, but when I try to use the composite output alone, the problems mentioned before occur. I've also tried it with several modifications of the config.txt like "sdtv_mode=2 # PAL" and/or "hdmi_ignore_hotplug=1", but that makes no difference...

    I've attached log files and would appreciate if someone could have a look at it to find a bugfix - thank you in advance!


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    @Hias; Thank you again for helping me!

    As I'm considering myself a "NOOB" following suggestons like "stopping KODI and eventlircd" (whereby I don't have an idea how to prevent LibreELEC from starting KODI, or closing KODI but staying in LibreELEC) and am a little afraid of breaking a running system, let me please ask some questions first:

    I stumbled about a posting in the section "LE9.0 remote configs ir-keytable Amlogic devices" where an user has published his config for the Wetek Play 2 remote control with detailed instructions, see here: LE9.0 remote configs ir-keytable Amlogic devices

    Would that procedure also work under "LibreELEC (Leia) v8.90.009 ALPHA" or are some other steps needed?

    And if "yes": would the problem with the not supported longpress actions be solved this way or are there any other "work-arounds" for it?

    @Hias: Thank you very much for your response!

    I've done what you said and disabled the LIRC translation via the command you gave, and after that, "mod=longpress" is working again! With the help of the "Keymap Editor" addon it turned out that the KeyIDs which I have to write into my "keymap.xml" still differ from the ones at the time when I was using KODI 17.6, so I had to determine them all once again.

    But the really bad news is: now there are different buttons on the remote control where the "Keymap Editor" addon displays the same KeyID, for example button 7, 11 and 32 all are identified with "61952", button 22, 23, 24, 25 with "16839168" and so on :-(

    I don't understand how this is possible, I mean, it's the same piece of hardware as before the upgrade from KODI 17.6 to 18...

    Regarding other configuration file(s) you mentioned ("remote keymap"), I would like to point out that under KODI v17.6 I only had to cope with "keymap.xml" and this way all was good to go, as KODI 17.6 actually recognized the remote control as a "keyboard" and not a "real" remote control.

    I'm a bit confused: has KODI 18 dropped the support for the usage of this kind of device?

    And I'm totally clueless what I would have to write into any other configuration file(s) other than "keymap..xml"...

    Could you please help me a little further with it?

    I've upgraded from KODI v17.6 to KODI v18 (RC2) using LibreELEC (Leia) v8.90.009 ALPHA and ran into the problem that my previous modified "keymap.xml" located in the "userdata" folder/"keymaps" subfolder does not work anymore with the remote control which was shipped with the WETEK PLAY 2 :-(


    I found out that the codes of the remote control buttons did change from KODI v17.6 to 18, so I had to determine them all again with the help of the "Keymap Editor" AddOn. Unfortunately, the "longpress" actions are not working anymore and also prevent the "normal" behaviour of the short pressed key.

    Example 1:

    1. <keymap>
    2. <global>
    3. <keyboard>
    4. <key id='232'>ActivateWindow(TVRecordings)</key>
    5. </keyboard>
    6. </global>
    7. </keymap>

    When pressing the remote control button 30 in this example it works as it should (-> the window with the TV recordings pops up).

    Debug log: 03:36:06.438 T:4091061024 NOTICE: --------------------------------------------- -

    At 03:36:17.816 I did press remote control button 30 for the first time

    Example 2:

    1. <keymap>
    2. <global>
    3. <keyboard>
    4. <key id='232'>ActivateWindow(TVRecordings)</key>
    5. <key id='232' mod="longpress">ActivateWindow(Favourites)</key>
    6. </keyboard>
    7. </global>
    8. </keymap>

    When long pressing the remote control button 30 in this example it does not work as it should (-> the window with the favourites does not pop up), and when short pressing the remote control button 30 the window with the TV recordings also does not pop up....

    Debug log: 03:53:18.669 T:4089094944 NOTICE: --------------------------------------------- -

    At 03:53:30.332 I did press remote control button 30 for the first time

    Please fix it with a new build!

    Thank you in advance!