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    Basically I have to modify cpu-freq.c and recompile the kernel then. Would you mind releasing your build?

    ps. Your post got cut off

    I could release yes. But I think it is better in an extra thread for G02ref.

    I've got implemented a working nand layout for this box now.

    But I've have strange conflicts with SPI NOR using BOOT_12 pin and shared use of this pin with nand.

    wetek play box do not use this. I think to get rid of this. But G02ref kernel freezes without SPI NOR. I do not know why.

    I want to fix this. because I can see it in the log. It has no influence to kodi. kodi works well.

    also I'm playing around to get the Availink AVL6211+AV2011 DVB-S/S2 to work...


    • vsip166.log

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    :saint: done...

    I've found that box is not a G18REF.

    Model ist Videostrong (vsip-166) or prima

    It is the aml-8726M6 SoC (G02REF) board with DVB-S2 tuner (not working yet) :dodgy:

    working kernel changes:

    a) it needs his own *.dtd device-tree src

    b) also a diffrent cpu voltage table (lower)

    c) an other nand and bootloader layout or like me no layout (sd boot).

    d) scaling_governor=interactive is a main killer for the SoC

    e) new .config

    So I've tryed using my kernel and:

    1. CONFIG_CMDLINE="root=/dev/ram0 rdinit=/init console=ttyS0,115200n8 consoleblank=0 scaling_governor=conservative scaling_min_freq=200000 scaling_max_freq=1512000 systemd.show_status=auto"

    sd 2GB p1=FAT (aml_autoscript, KERNEL, SYSTEM) p2=ext3 LABEL=LIBREELEC_DISK

    And it worked for half an hour with out a crash. Even the red lamp went on stopping the box. :thumbup:

    I've got some audio issues on one mediathek stream, but other worked well.

    And remotecontrol "OK" do not work in "not mouse mode" (total different key-layout/ir-protokoll like MX2)

    it is not fast build, but works.

    @yuanqi tested that at the begin

    I'm a step further now, deleting the nand table in kernel's device tree src, like the wetek play kernel patch do.

    Now I think am very close to start LibreElec's Sysroot. (written to sd part2).

    Please have a lock at the photo to fix my bootargs, to start SYSTEM :/

    thank's a lot ...


    nice work!

    I've also got an old g18 very close to the Wetec Play (dvb-S2 similar avl chip).

    Years ago I was used to boot xbmc from sdcard. But this was befor the 3.10 Kernel.

    I've tested now 3 variants of configs with out any success. I could see in terminal (tty0) kernel is booting.

    setup: sdcard p1=FAT with aml_autoscript (3 variants) to start from sdcard, KERNEL (file) p2=squashfs (dd from SYSTEM) (also a try with ext3) p3=LABEL=LIBREELEC_DISK ext3


    1. echo "*** openELEC(g18ref) linux 3.10.X boot script ***"
    2. echo
    3. if fatexist mmc 0:1 KERNEL
    4. then
    5. echo "booting openELEC from sdcard..."
    6. fatload mmc 0 82000000 KERNEL
    7. setenv bootargs "root=/dev/ram0 rdinit=/init boot=/dev/mmcblk0p2 debug"
    8. bootm
    9. exit
    10. fi

    I've also tryed to start SYSTEM as a file from FAT.

    then I've build the whole 9.0 LibreElec for MX2 (gcc8: build kernel errors on asm)

    I've fixed it by using src from that patch:

    Patch "ARM: fix put_user() for gcc-8" has been added to the 4.4-stable tree - Patchwork

    for aml linux-95ba9d626c0fce672caa296f5911ab9190881642:


    flashed all to sd booted same result:

    kernel starts but i think it do not run the SYSTEM partition.

    I've also built a lot's of 3.10 kernels, but they also didn't start partitions.

    Could it be the bootloader? Maybe you could help me with a tipp?

    See the logfile:


    • vsip166.log

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