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    I'm on LibreElec 9.2.1.

    Ethernet is not detecting and I have it connected.
    Cable worked fine on my RPi3B+, so I know it's not a cabling issue.

    I also did wait for Network for 15 seconds and it still won't work. What is the problem here? I'm forced to use a Wireless connection that's slow because the Pi 4 doesn't accept my ac connection. I want to use an Ethernet connection and it should allow me to.

    LE 8.2.5 has the original released firmware for 3B+ while the Alpha(s) have several iterations newer firmware which corrects issues. Holding out for a skin is a valid reason, but from a stability perspective Alpha's are better than 8.2.5 for 3B+

    Still no go. Even with the time delay solution.

    Update: Used the standalone installer and it worked on the Pi 3B+ compared to a 2. Still no go for Ethernet. :(

    Update 2: As of recent, the newest Leia firmware seemed to make the problem with the Ethernet adapter magically work. Very Happy. :)

    NOOBS is not very much recommended alongside LibreELEC. A LibreELEC-only setup is preferred.

    You may have to enable the "Wait for network" option in the LibreELEC Settings Add-on. Usually LibreELEC boots too quickly on x86-64 hardware and "forgets" to properly initialize the network connection.

    I'll have to try the standalone installer with the Pi3B+ because it wasn't working with the older Pi 2.

    It did not end up working. Tried 10 more seconds, 60 seconds, and then 120 seconds. No go. :(

    Use the latest Alpha with updated firmware. Any difference?

    I could give it a test at some point, but would rather stick to the stable build because there's a skin I like that hasn't been updated yet for Leia.


    When my RPi3B+ boots up, the ethernet lights seem fine, used it to install NOOBs file install for LibreELEC. So it's not a hardware failure. As soon as LibreELEC starts booting it turns off. I am not able to see any kind of connection for wired connections. Have Ethernet enabled, also went from a RPi2 and the cable worked fine on that. So I know it's not an issue with the wire itself. I am now forced to use a Wireless connection when I don't want to.

    @ LibreELEC 8.2.5


    I figured it out myself.

    You can't use exFat on Rasperry Pi or Kodi. Ended up making it a FAT32 file system in order for it to work. Had to also use NOOBS because the LibreELEC installer refused to work standalone even after ejecting it multiple times after each format conversion I did between each file system.

    Used the SD Installer that does all the steps in order. It refuses to setup on my Rasperry Pi 2 with the typical colored screen. Tried an old Win32 Disk Image file and that worked fine, but I need a fresh install to make usage of the new space.

    Is it because of the exFat file system?? I used the SD Formatter twice, ejected when done, and ejected after the SD Installer was completed. :(

    Thanks for any help.